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Thread: measure suspension height black G2X

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    Default measure suspension height black G2X

    Is there any way to track suspension height using my black G2X? I want to look at average ride height so I can do some Aero downforce tests. One front and one rear wheel would do it for me.

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    Are you trying to look at car height from the ground or suspension travel?

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    I need to get some idea of which way is best to use when testing Aero downforce on a non-wing sports car. I imagine the differences in average ride height will be small. I think one front and one rear infared sensor reading to ground would be the cheapest? But would they be as accurate as a shock travel sensor?

    Down the road a year or two from now I might get into needing some shock velocity measurements which I guess the G2X isn't going to be capable of. But I'm not sure I want to spend the money on a G2X Pro and 2 shock sensors right now, that's a lot of money for an uncertain future testing capability. Is it true the Pro can not use the G2X shock travel sensors?

    I haven't read up on it but I recall I need to flip some dip switches in the G2X to enable Vnet?
    Any problems not using the (vnet) extra sensors when I'm done with the tests or use the G2X in another car temporarily? Sorry, I need to read the manual on this basic stuff, and I need to reconsider what the G2X Pro can do for me in the future. I'm a one man show, so data Acquisition is something I don't have a lot of time for & I usually focus on just the basics.
    Thanks, David

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    Ride height studies..shock sensors vs ride height sensors.

    There are multiple answers to this question, so we can sort through them one at a time.
    1. G2X with shock or ride height sensors. You can add either type of sensor to the G2X. The sensor is not data logger specific, so to speak. However, there is a 4 shock sensor "package" designed specific for the G2X Pro. The issue when using shock or ride height sensors with the G2X is sample rate.
    2.The maximum sample rate per channel, on the G2X, is 100hz. That is ok for looking at travel changes, but not for velocity changes (when looking at shock setup). If you wanted a very basic aero study, you could go with a couple of shock sensors, one 4 channel input USM and a Vnet extension cable back to the G2X. That would be less expensive than ride height sensors
    3. Ride height sensors are able to measure true ride the only know the car is getting closer to the ground..taking into account both spring compression and tire squash.



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    Thanks a lot for the info. If I got two shock sensors & V net now, would that equipment be useable if I later upgrade to the G2X Pro?

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