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Thread: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module issues

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    Default Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module issues

    Little background on the setup. I've got an IQ3 display dash (FW version 14), a Hondata EFI module and a USM (Reading Oil P, Fuel P, Exhaust back pressure and the fuel sender)
    I have to leave the serial cable connected to the back of the dash as it's fully enclosed in a mostly stock dashboard.

    So my questions are;
    1. Is there a newer firmware for the dash? I see v16 for the IQ3 available to download, but I was hesitant to flash it as Datalink was asking for a file with an IQ3D_* prefix. (I didn't want to send a file that might be for the logger dash)

    2. RPM displayed on the dash using EFI engine rpm channel is half the expected value. I can correct this with a linear conversion on the channel setup page but seems odd that I would need to.

    3. I can't seem to figure out how to set the odometer. I read in another thread that it was supported in later versions of the display dash firmware. Is there documentation available on how to set this up?

    4. Using the external buttons to enter setup or advance pages is quite glitchy.
    - If I hold button 1 to enter setup 1 it cancels immediately. i.e. The display switches to 'User Cancelled' the moment I let off the button. I can enter setup 1 if I stab button 2 after two flashes. But if I do this some values will increment on their own as if the button was stuck down, odometer value sometimes decrements with no button pressed. It ends up making a mess of it all forcing me to resend a good config.
    - Using button 2 to advance pages is temperamental. Rarely it will advance, more often it will enter setup 2.
    - Could this be a wiring issue of the buttons (I didn't install the dash myself) or are there known issues that might cause these symptoms?

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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    I know it's xmas and all but any chance of a reply on this? Mostly the firmware and odometer setup questions.

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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    Don't worry about firmwares version. 14 has every feature I can think of.

    Set the RPM channel pulse per rev to 2 (2 cylinder).

    Tell the odometer to use GPS Speed as the distance/speed channel in Datalink.

    Sounds like an issue with the buttons or wiring. Can you check continuity as you press/release them?

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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    I guess my question for the firmware is more, If I ever do need to update it is it the same FW file for display and logger dashes? (I'm guessing they're different so don't want to break my display dash trying to upload logger dash FW)

    Unfortunately I don't have a way to set pulse per rev with the display dash. It's not in the dash info panel in datalink or in setup 1. (It skips from backlight setting to shift step in setup 1, no tach pulses setting)

    Odo will have to use EFI speed as an input for me, I have no gps. I'm curious where this is set up. I can't seem to find the correct place to enter it.

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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    Should all be under IQ3 in a Datalink car config file. although the pulses per rev might be under Engine RPM. I only have the logger dash, so can't experiment for you. I'm sure you'll get some help from someone with experience of the display version soon.

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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    Thanks all the same, hopefully racepak will chime in. Car's back at the shop today and they're going to double check the wiring on the buttons.

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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    Continuity checked out OK. We may try some more sturdy buttons.

    Any input on the other issues racepak guys, pretty please?

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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    There are different firmware for the logger and the display. If you purchased your dash within the last few months, it will be fine in terms of the firmware level. We will post both on the downloads section, just in case.

    RPM data. it should be correct, but as you noted in your instance it is off by half. We pre-program our modules based on the data stream information provided, so there could be a change in the data stream we were unaware of.

    ODO. Yes, you will need to flash the unit with the latest firmware in order to activate the ODO function. I have uploaded the firmware below, along with instructions.

    The button issue sounds as if you have an actual hardware problem..button opposed to any type of software problem. Are you utilizing the Racepak button package? We have seen, on one occasion, this type of behavior and it was traced to the actual button connector (the single pin connector where the button cables join into one) not firmly seated. If you are not using the Racepak buttons, I would verify they are not sticking, are spring loaded momentary contact type buttons.

    Any additional questions, just let us know.
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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. I updated the firmware last night and experimented for a while. I think there are a couple things going on with my specific setup that are pulling me in different directions while I'm trying to get to grips with the software and setup in general.

    First thing, I'm pretty sure my button 2 is sticking or has a wiring issue. So I have to sort that out before I can be 100% on anything else.

    However, there does seem to be some unexpected data coming from the hondata module. rpm, map, iat and gear position are ones I've noticed. These all read correctly when I datalog directly from the ECU but produce differing results on the dash.

    Previously, when I was using this product ... ew2-lgdash a potentially similar problem occurred after a kpro firmware update (1.5.1 if I recall correctly). The author of the tunerview2 had to issue an update to address changes made by Hondata to the data stream. Might be related, might not, but I thought I'd pass that on.

    I've still not been able to get the odometer to increment. The speed channel in the gear setup page in datalink is set to efi_speed, rpm to efi_rpm.

    It may be related that I also noticed that if I set the dash to display calculated gear (instead of efi_gear pos) it will always display 0. Even though I went through and entered all the correct ratios and set speed and rpm channels to the correct EFI outputs. I had a question on this.

    When setting up the dash for calculated gear I'm wondering which setup approach has priority?

    Entering the data on datalink on the iq3 poperties and uploading to the dash
    Using setup 2 to set the ratios while the car is moving

    I ask because I've set it in datalink multiple times with no success but my button issue means it's hard to set while the car is moving. If I do get into setup 2 which is still a bit tricky and yes I need to sort out I see the ratios are all at -1.

    So, in short, it might be worth checking with Hondata to see if they changed the serial stream. I may be having the same gear pos issue that other users are seeing. And I need to take care of that sticking second button. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Newly installed IQ3 display dash with KPro EFI module is

    We just installed an IQ3 to our K-pro and we're having the same issue with the rpms showing half of the actual value.

    How can I solve this?

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