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Thread: Cost effective Camera options

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    good point about the engine running
    ive only got the g2x and iq3
    i would prefer an automatic triggering option but the hardwire would do fine,now if i could find a way to use steering wheel buttons wirelessly

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    I was reading the replayxd documents and it appears there is a new auto start/stop firmware update that will allow the camera to start recording as soon as it sees an external power signal and stop recording when the power is interrupted.

    So you should be able to either get the DC Hardwire kit for $99 or even the regular hardwire car adapter for $32, set the camera to this mode, and it should work pretty well.

    Couple ways I was thinking -

    1) you could hardwire the camera power to the same power as your logger - when your logger is on, camera will be recording. Logger off =camera off. Or just use a regular switch - maybe close to the driver?

    2) If you have an IQ3 you could use the external warning light output to trigger a relay to turn on/off your camera power source. You'll lose one warning light channel this way and lose the external warning light - if you even use it. Not sure about the "Channel Tag" display being always on this way.

    3) Get the VNET relay control module and use that to to do the triggering.

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    Correct yes you can now use the standard car cigarette plug adaptor, with the new firmware you can start recording when power is applied, this will also charge the camera obviously, and stops few seconds after power is stopped.

    Just a note for anyone interested, YES you can cut off the cigarette plug off the lead and hard wire, obviously tho dont cut in between the external mic input part thats on the wire, and the camera.

    I will have this wires into the smartwire, i will have a switch called cam/log ect, that will turn the camera power and start logging. As theres a delay in starting recording, prob a few seconds, it wont sync the video with the data like the racepak module i believe does, but still MUCH better than going around pressing buttons like kids with go pros ect.

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