Nope, Datalink is all there is. But I've spotted that V4.1.1 is now available for download. No mention of it on their website, or on this forum.

I'm downloading it now (143MB). Maybe V4 is the big update we've all been waiting for. I'll try and find a changelog in the files if I can, and I'll edit this post with it if I find one.

Build 4.0.3 08/07/2012
1) Added ability to program the G2X Engine RPM source via DataLink.
2) Fixed issue that could corrupt the SD card when selecting the "Force New Recording on
Next Power Up" button on V300SD and Sportsman configuration files.
3) Display a dialog box to allow telemetry setup after adding new channels.
4) Added ability to start a new data telemetry session with just two mouse button clicks.
5) Display confirmation when saving files.
6) Added default configuration button to toolbar.
7) Added support for GoPro Hero interface module.
8) Added support for Texense 8 channel IR temperature sensor module.
Build 4.1.1 09/28/2012
1) Fixed issue that could cause the COM port to hang.
2) Enabled SmartWire Print Report button.
3) Added compatibility for transducer box firmware version 10 and higher to allow RPM
Otherwise, it looks and feels the same. Not sure if the Segment Report laptime scrolling problem is fixed, but worth a try. Seems to work here, every computer is different.

Was hoping V4 would be a massive overhaul, and help Racepak catch up with its rivals. Even at the same price range, many alternative products have massively better software, but Racepak are stuck in the 1990s with theirs.