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Thread: G2X Black how to enable predictive laptime?

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    Default G2X Black how to enable predictive laptime?

    Is there an instruction on how to enable predictive lap time?


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    Default Re: G2X Black how to enable predictive laptime?

    Sure. You will first need to download the latest firmware for the black housing G2X as found here on our website:

    After downloading, follow the below instructions:

    The first thing you will need to do is move the two files labeled as G2X (from the online firmware download) into the following location:
    C:\Program Files\DataLinkII and place inside the folder labeled Can

    Next, you will need to reflash your G2X using the following instructions. This is simple, but make sure you
    following the instructions in order or it will mess up the programming in the G2X and not allow you to use
    it until we reflash it in our CA office. The firmware is G2X_V41Hex and is located inside the G2X Black folder.

    When updating the firmware in your G2X, there is always the risk of failure.
    If this happens, your G2X may not operate until you return your G2X to Racepak
    to be re-flashed. YOU ASSUME THIS RISK SOLEY ON YOUR OWN. If you do not feel
    comfortable with the following procedure, Racepak will update the firmware in
    your G2X for a small fee to cover the return freight.

    To reduce the risk of failure, make sure to exactly follow the instructions below.

    1) Make sure you are connected to a fully charged 12v or higher battery.

    2) Remove the compact flash card from the G2X. Erase all files off your your compact flash card.
    Do not format the card.


    4) Insert the CF card back in to the G2X and turn on the power. Wait for
    the GPS LED's to begin to flash. You do not need to wait to acquire satellites.
    Turn off the power and remove the CF card.

    5) Now use your PC to copy the file to the CF card.

    6) Insert the CF card in to the G2X and turn on the power. All four LED's
    should turn on to indicate the new firmware file has been found and is
    currently updating.

    7) When successfully completed, the G2X will automatically return to normal
    operation. This should take approx. 1 minute. The LEDS will turn off and the GPS will start blinking

    8) If the G2X fails to properly complete the firmware update, all four the LED's
    will begin to flash continuously. If this happens, turn the power off and back on.
    If the power LED turns on, no damage to the original firmware has been done.
    Repeat the above procedure to try again.
    If no LED's turn on, the original firmware has been damage. You will need to
    return your G2X to Racepak for re-flashing.

    Finally, follow these setup guidelines for the data logger:

    1) You will need to program the dash user display 1, 2 or 3 as predictive lap timing.

    2) Insure you set the decimals to 2 and the filtering to 1. The first lap will
    obviously show 0.00 and all other laps will show the predicted time ahead (negative number)
    or behind (positive number) you are from their fast lap of the session.
    The fastest lap is not saved, so each time you turn power off and back on a new fastest lap will need to be generated.


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    Default Re: G2X Black how to enable predictive laptime?

    I had this working for the last two years but this weekend it suddenly stopped displaying predictive times on the dash. It remembers to select display 2 on every startup but it just displays 0.00 for that channel all the time. Should I try reinstalling the firmware upgrade or is there a way to tell what's going on?

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