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    Default Boost Control

    Working on my PID setting. But one thing I noticed is that my fill solenoid is on and clicking non stop? At like 13% duty cycle. There are no leaks that I can find. Went over every connection!

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    What strategy are you using (Boost vs Time)? If so, is there a value of “13” in the first box? If so, it’s triggered and doing what it should. Could also be a bad dome sensor.

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    Yes, it's 13. Any way to test this?

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    That's why it’s firing the solenoids. Change the first box to "0" then make the second box "13" at .05 seconds. It should stop clicking the solenoids. What's the trigger to activate it?

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    Don't have a trigger. Well it resets the time when I hit transbrake. But nothing for street driving. Should I change that?

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    Boost Manual, you can trigger it with TPS. Boost vs Time helps you tune launch and after launch. Always make the last cell 0.

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    Can you explain more? Why make last cell 0?

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    Because after it goes past the time in the last cell along the bottom, it uses the last entered value across the top. So say you have a car that runs 8.50s and you want 50% Boost Solenoid Duty Cycle the entire pass. You’d make all the cells across the top “50”, except the last (which you’d make “0”), and you’d set the times along the bottom (let’s say .01-8.6 seconds). At 8.60 seconds, duty cycle will go to “0”. If you left it at “50” all the way across the top, it’d stay at 50% duty cycle until you shut the car off or triggered the boost controller to start over. Make sense?

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    Yes, got it. So if I use 20% TPS to trigger it and 0 in last cell, would that be good for a street setup, so it's not active all the time?

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    I believe the lowest TPS Modulation value allowed is 50% (might not be what you’re taking about). Send me more info on how your boost control is setup. Are you Dome Control or MAP + Dome, Open Loop, etc? As much info as you can give will help. You can also email me your tune and I’ll take a look at it.

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