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Thread: Blaster 3 leak

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    Default Blaster 3 leak

    Hi.. I'm running an MSD 6AL box, MSD wires, Blaster 3 coil and MSD ballast resistor with the stock points and condenser distributor system of my Opel CIH engine. After about a year and 1500 miles with the set-up I noticed that the top rim of the coil has traces of oil but not dripping yet. The car still starts and runs well though.

    The 6AL is mounted under the dash and the Blaster 3 is mounted about 80 degrees at the back-end and around 120 degrees to the side in a not so hot location because the exhaust manifold is on the opposite side (see photo for reference).

    Have a couple of questions:
    #1 Do I need to replace the coil given the slight leak on the rim of the blaster 3 even if the car still performs well?
    #2 Can the current mounting position cause the leak?
    #3 Can the ballast resistor cause the leak (i just figured that it should be bypassed)? If No and since there is no ill effect with the current engine performance, do I still need to remove the ballast resistor?

    Thanks for the inputs.


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    On a blaster 3 coil paired up with a 6a or 6al we always recommend the blaster 3 to be sitting in the upright position due to the added voltage the box's produce. Also with your setup you mentioned running a ballast resistor. Where do you currently have the ballast resistor hooked up? When running a 6a or 6al box it is not necessary to run a ballast resistor. The coil leaking is most likely due a combination of the 6al box and the angle it is mounted. Hope this helps you.

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    Thanks for the reply. When you mean upright, is it strictly 90 degrees? The little deviation as seen in the photo is not acceptable?

    The ballast resistor is installed in-line of the positive wire to the coil. It is mounted on the right of the blaster 3 as seen in the photo. Do you still suggest to remove it?

    Given what seems to be a minor leak, can I still use the coil by correcting the mounting angle? If I need to replace it, is it better if I replace it with the High Vibration Blaster using the same mounting angle?

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    Normally its 90 degrees for the coil but a 10 degree deviation shouldn't cause a huge issue for you. If you prefer to leave it how it is currently installed that is fine. As for your ballast resistor i would suggest removing it. The minor leak coming from the coil isn't bad but it isn't good either. If left like this it can develop into a larger leak and coil can overheat but considering you said it was minor you can still run the coil for the time being until you find a replacement. A replacement i would recommend for you would be pn:8222 as it is epoxy filled.

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