Hi All, I am slowly installing an atomic on My 62 valiant which has a slant 6. There is a vertical down pipe after the collection point ( I am using the stock exhaust manifold). so I have two conflicting requirement One to be close to the collector and the other being clocking of the O2 sensor so it does not collect moisture. To work vertically would mean installing on a 10 degree angle,There is another thread here that indicates that installing the O2 sensor on an angle like this is not the best. If I move down the pipe to the place it bends horizontally That would be about 800mm odd (About 2feet 8 inches in imperial). from the point the manifold joins the head at number 1 cylinder similar for number 6 as well. There is an extra joint to make sure it’s air tight but I am feeling like this may be the better option given that if I had extractors fitted the bung would end up in a similar location. This bends the close to the collector instruction by 300-400mm though. Any thoughts please.