Hey Guys

I hope someone has experienced this problem we are having and may be able to help

We have a brand new 6 ltr block, but one of the very early ones which ran the 24x Crank Reluctor & 1x Cam Trigger which is located in the timing cover at the front of the block which indicates being a Gen IV block.

As per the Gen IV LS2 timing cover… the cam sensor is located in the front cover and have used the ‘Front CAM’ harness.

When attempting to start the engine, everything in the diagnostics is OK except for the cam sensor. The cam sensor fault changes between ‘C’ & ‘H’ randomly and the 5 volt signal wire spikes to 7 & 8 volts when starting the engine.

All power & grounds from the ECU go direct to the battery, fuel pressure is OK and returning back to the tank, we are getting spark from the plugs when cranking the engine.

We even tried extending the ‘BAK CAM’ harness which ran 12v to the sensor as well as 'Signal' & '+' reversed, but still coming up with fault ‘C’.

I have tried starting it with 'LS1', 'LS2', 'L76' in the hand held and still makes no difference.

Are we perhaps missing a harness that plugs into the front 4x sensor, but it picks up the signal of a 1x Cam Trigger?

We are in Australia and any help/advice would be awesome, sent a couple emails to MSD but still waiting to hear back.

Thanks in advance