After hard breaking OR engine break SOMETIME the engine stall.
NOT EVERY TIME but I have notice ,in the display, that Atomic lowering the timing to 3-4 degrees. and then the IAC stugle to keep engine running.
I can hear it "snoring" from TBI.

Often It have no problem and that's when Atomic DON'T pull timing. Then it just running great.

Whay does Atomic Pull timing sometimes and sometimes not?

I have this sinse 2013 so I have hade a lot of time looking at the display and try to figure out what the problem is, eaven if it's just a summer car.

It's a Ford 1959

The Timing:
initial 14-16
advanse 33
Total 1700
vac Ported 15

Idle 0,95
cruse 1.03
WOT 0,85

IAC at idling
N 1-3
D 14-16

Idling at 525 RPM Thight converter

Last update was 216-04