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My cam specs are below. This is a custom cam for a turbo 5.3. I tried running mine on the performance setting and it had stumbles and wouldnít run correctly. Set it on mild and updated the software and works much better. Iím running 80lb injectors and 15psi at the moment. About to add water/meth and turn it up. LS engines are more efficient and the cams we are running are not really that aggressive.

Lift .613 .617
Duration @ .006 277 281
valve timing @.050 INT 4 42 EXH 52 1-
109 centerline
Duration @ .050 227 231
Lobe lift .361 .363
Lobe sep 113
Rocker arms 1.70
I messed with idle screw today and I swear things are getting worse?! Car is idling at 11:1 air fuel and literally canít even idle in a garage with the door wide open. Sooo much fuel at idle. Here are my controller pictures, I have tried adding timing, decreasing map and TPS. Please give me some input.