1. I'm running Hedmans. Check the EO PDF for the right application for you: https://arb.ca.gov/msprog/aftermkt/d...o/D-167-27.pdf . You'll need an exhaust shop to finalize the setup.
2. There are a lot of cams out there that have EOs, Crane and Comp sell a few. You should match it to the rest of your build.
3. PM me your email address if you still need this. It wasn't too bad as I recall. I still use a vacuum tree on the intake for headlight vacuum, big port on the back of the baseplate for power brakes, little one for air cleaner flaps. There's a ported port on the front I believe, for EGR and evap. Big manifold one for PCV.

For vacuum routing, I used this as a guide http://repairs.willcoxcorvette.com/1...ission-vacuum/ along with the port diagrams in the Atomic manual.
EGR/evap use ported vacuum. Everything else (except distributor) uses manifold vacuum. The distributor may use ported or vacuum depending on year of car and engine type. Some use ported, some manifold - even if they use the same port on the Q-Jet. Different Q-Jets route that port to manifold or above the throttle blades.