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Thread: Might be time to give up

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    Default Might be time to give up

    So I have this system on my LQ9, installed it last summer. Over the summer I put about 200 miles on it, never real happy with the way it ran. It would be fine cruising but when you pull up to a stop sign or light 80% it wouldvstall.
    Had it at a show were msd was at, they messed with it, called some guru, changed to a 90mm to.
    Still not much better.
    Parked it in October.
    Move ahead to a week ago, charged barret bam fired right up, pulled it out let it build some heat and shut it off. Felt pretty happy.
    Went to start a little while later to back into the garage. Crank crank crank...finally starts sounds rough, big backfire. Shut off and now won't even think of starting. Cam sensor error, changed it. Nothing,
    Ready to out intake and carb on this pos
    $2400 lesson or $12/mile more expensive than a limo

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    Have you tried to update the program files? I had several issues before I updated the files. Since then its running much better and i'm even running about 18psi on it. Feels strong and fires up each time no issues. Are you still showing a cam sensor fault?

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    I have downloaded the files on to a micro SD. They are in the main file.
    Pop it in to the handheld..... Won't go into the update.
    Just stays in the main menu.
    I am ready to burn this bitch to the ground

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    Last fall Silva from MSD worked on this for hours at a show with little to no change, when it was shipped the pigtails were not correct for the fuel injectors and in addition one of the fuel injectors that are mentioned in the instructions is not in my handheld as a option.
    Maybe the wrong item was put in the box at shipping. I have fought this thing from day 1

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    Iceburgh, i had cam sensor errors,popping,hard start as well. Instead of pulling intake,i switched to front cam sensor setup (for ease of replacement and to degree my cam) still the same problem...
    In the cam sensor connector (ecu side) there is a 5v AND 12v reference to the cam sensor (4 wires total). I switched from 5v to 12v and its been perfect ever since !!! Confirm ur cam sensor pinout (V signal gnd) and proper voltage requirement for the actual year engine your running with an OE diagram to be sure its correct. Most likely this is the issue.

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    As far as the injector, it doesn't matter if you have a matching part # to input to the handheld as long as you know the flow rate. You can just manually enter the LB per hr yourself.

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