Just received my 7763, installed and plumbed per diagram for dual wastegates. On setup, installation instructions mention setting Boost Control OFF RPM to 0 to test for leaks and determining if the system is functioning. I have my wastegate target set to 5psi, changed OFF RPM from default (2000) to 0, CO2 regulated to 20 psi- nothing happened. The only way I can get the solenoid to open is by pressing the red button on top of the solenoid which then supplies 5 psi to both gates, as observed on Wastegate Pressure in the monitor. If I bleed the pressure off at the gates it will not go back to target pressure unless I press the red cap again on the solenoid.
Shouldnt the solenoid keep the target psi on the gates any time the module is powered / OFF RPM is exceeded? Thanks