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Thread: Engine hits "ghost" rev limit at 6350 RPM. *SOLVED*

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    If you recall, the issue was that in high gear the Chevelle would hit what seemed like a rev limiter at around 6350 RPM.

    At the request of MSD they said it was secondary ignition related. So I replaced everything in the secondary ignition (new 10mm wires, new plugs, new distributor, new cap & rotor, replaced Blaster coil with HVC II coil, and it still did it.

    Then replaced the ignition box 6AL and 2-Step with a MSD 7AL-3, which allowed me to remove the separate automatic shifter controller. That still didn't fix the problem.

    I then went back to the basics and found the issue. I use a Biondo terminator button and what was happening is that the button only takes about .003-.005" of movement to activate. The car once in high gear had a small vibration that must have been at the resonance of the button's spring or the mount that would cause the button to vibrate and intermittently engage (but consistently). I shimmed the button about .050" to allow for some movement (or vibration) before engagement and the car ran perfect.

    Never got a call back from MSD Engineering Department as I had some questions about the design of the launch selection, but never received a response. No surprise though, as the tech line doesn't seem to excited to help anyone out and always give the answer that there is "noise" and to check the pickup wires and to make sure they are isolated. After replacing the 6AL and 2-Step with a MSD 7AL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevelleracer
    Hey mate, I know this is an old thread, but my car is doing the exact same thing, but on the dyno. It gets to just over 6000 RPM then hit a phantom limiter drops RPM then can go past it. Have a 7AL-3, HVC2 coil, MSD Pro Billet distributor, no crank triggers.

    So it was your transbrake switch causing the issue? Was it activating the 2-Step launch limiter or something like that? Mine is just a B&M pushbutton switch. Any extra info on the repair or what you think caused it would be great, pulling my hair out trying to fix mine.

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    Anyone experiencing this fault in the future, I found that it was the retard function playing up. I had 0s in the three I wasn't using, but once I also grounded them, as well as using the 0 chips, the fault went away.

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