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Thread: Not running good at all

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    Default Not running good at all

    That sounds better. Yeah, they're VERY sensitive to any air (exhaust) leaks. There can't be no little flange leak or tick or crack or weld hole.

    How deep is the O2 in the pipe? Lika a 3/8 or 1/2 tall bung (threaded area) ?

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    Default Not running good at all

    I think 1/2" at least.

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    Default Not running good at all

    Ok, as long as the bulk of the sensor is in the path of the exhaust flow.

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    Default Not running good at all

    I think it wouldn't hurt to cut the bung down a bit to get it in more.

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    Default Not running good at all

    Or, just plug that one and get a short one.

    Double check all from exhaust port to sensor for any other tiny leaks.

    Keep me posted, i love this shit man ! Haha

    Got my stock 100k 5.3 (turbo) in the 10s so far with this system and it drives OE stock.... and im gonna push it further.

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    Default Not running good at all

    Hows it been going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Hows it been going?
    Sorry been busy "bought a duramax". It runs better but now runs crappy at start up and has a low end stumble, still dies every once in awhile coming to a stop. I'm not sure what I'm going to do been think about building amother motor and trying to do at least 550hp. If I do I think I'll pull all the msd stuff and dump it, I've done a bunch of late model engine swaps and never had any run like this.

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    Lemme know if you get rid of it,lol

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    If you still have your msd stuff on I had a very similar problem for quite some time. It turned out I had entered one of the coil part numbers wrong and one of my msd spark plugs was bad straight out of the box.

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