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Thread: Idle surging, Running rich

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    Default thanks again

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    You should have it. Let me know how it does.

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    Yup got it, my old version was 1.3.0 for the atomic LS and acepted the update. What cam setting would you suggest for my setup, it's right on the edge 231/242 .617"/.592" 112+2? Thanks for sending that file out, fingers crossed. I'll drive the car tomarrow afternoon and report back.

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    I would try the mild setting. Mine is on the edge also but runs the best on mild. Also make sure you set your MAP and TPS enrichment.

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    Wow!, Huge difference with the new tune, have the rpm set to 850 with a mild cam setting and never stalled once or a idle surge. Have some fine tuning to due in the 1500rpm range with some minor bucking but might be the nature of the cam. What settings do you have your map and tps at?

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    Right now I'm running TPS at 18% and MAP at 15% I may need to adjust mine once I install my intercooler. But so far that's the best at around 6 to 8 psi non intercooler. And is it bucking at full throttle or part? What's your A/F and timing doing at that rpm?

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    Sorry for the such long delay haven't had much time to drive the car. The surging/bucking happens at part throttle closer to idle, such as cruising around a neighborhood and anything under 2000rpm. Its less pronounced at higher speeds around that rpm but still present. The AFR seems to sit around 14.5-14.9 when its doing this and the timing seems to stay consistent. I have moved the tps and map enrichment's around and doesn't seem to help much and tried moving the idle and part throttle timing up to around 3 degrees and doesn't seem to help. Also tried putting the cam setting to performance and that made things worse with idle and cruising. Im out of ideas lol.

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    What is your timing at the time its doing this? And also what is the intake temps? Where is your IAT sensor located? What did you put the TPS and MAP settings at? Did changing them make any change at all? One thing I had an issue with at first when I had the bucking and dying was I found 2 huge vacuum leaks. It was the 2 rear cylinders and the intake was leaking.

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    Good morning,
    I am in the UK and have a cobra kit with new ls3 515 carb engine fitted with GM ASA hot Cam Atomic tbi & Msd 6ls ignition.
    I spent some time with guys on a dyno yesterday & they can't get it to run right , I am getting the same problems low revs & surging, over 2000 rpm its good.
    Can you send me the file or numbers and I will give it a go.

    Thanks Mike.

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    You are running a TBI on the setup you said you were working on. The file I have is for a LS setup. I would try posting in the TBI section or contact MSD tech and see what they have for you.

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