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Thread: Idle surging, Running rich

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    What cam sensor are you using? Front or rear? 1X or 4X ?

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    I am using a rear cam sensor, not sure of count (cam and crank sensor are original to the engine). I'll mark the crank tomarrow when I have some free time and will post a video. Out of curiosity how would I know if the ring moved?

    Thanks for the help

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    Once you get an accurate TDC mark on the balancer and make a pointer, you hit it with a timing light, it should be in the ballpark of what you see on the handheld timing. If you have to add 15° to 25° plus or minus, just to get it to run right something is wrong. So no other C or H codes other than the oil? ( i also recommend t-ing in the stock sensor)

    rear cam is 1X

    I wish it was in front of me, that would be alot easier, haha.

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    Alright took a video of whats going on . Going to be tough to see the difference in timing with it moving around to much. Had cam in performance mode and tps and map at 20%. Doesnt seem to make much of a difference where I move the timing too.

    DTC code is for the oil pressure

    Thanks for the Help

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    OK, good video, thanks.

    I want you to try this. Set it on mild KOEO (you're on the border of mild and performance ) then turn key off, disconnect IAC and adjust the idle with the screw and lemme know if you can get it to settle. It won't trigger a DTC. (Atleast mine didn't ) put map and tps settings back to like 5 or 10%. These adjustments are for drivability after it idles and you start driving the car. You maaaaay have to run with the iac disconnected????? Shouldn't have to but i just wanna see how it runs after.

    P.S. did you do the ecu update before all this?

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    Sorry did'nt see you're reply till now, havent had time to do what you suggested. I did take video of the reluctor wheel turning by hand and with the starter. Nothing is really jumping out at me with something being wrong (obviously cant verify if the ring has slipped position), the slight wobble just seems like a shadow when I slowed the video down. I did order a ACdelco oil pressure sensor and crank sensor just to play it safe. Well see what happens Thrusday when the parts arrive.



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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    Alright put the oil pressure sensor in and new crank sensor, set cam as mild and map at 10%. Didn't seem to make a difference. Adjusted the throttle blade screw to set the idle at 1000 and set the set idle at 1000 and my IAC sits at 0 and the surging is much better (but still not right obviously)

    The AF for idle is still sitting at 11.8-12.0 with the learning mode on and doesn't seem to want to learn (let run for around 20 minutes), injector pulse is around 4%. The timing is still moving quite a bit, shouldn't it be pretty steady?

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    Yeah, something is still not right.
    Have you tried

    0 map enrichment?

    Going to 16 on idle AFR to see if that compensates for the rich condition? Not sayn leave it there, just to see if it responds to change and the idle normalizes.

    Where exactly is the O2 mounted?

    Did you try disconnecting the IAC and bringing the idle down to 8-900? Where are all your ground wires attached? ( 2 from the rails and ground from ecu)

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    Set the map to 0% and idle around 850 with a 0 IAC count, IAC disconnected and surges really bad. The grounds are all to the battery same with the powers. The 02 is mounted right in the collector on bank 2 (kooks bung) and seems to be accurate because all my plugs are black and car is very rich. I have not tried adjusted the Fuel trims higher yet.

    I did call MSD and he wanted me to send him pictures of the cam sensor harness to verify the correct wiring and have not heard back. I did check the pin outs at the sensor and A is signal. B is ground, C is 12v so that seems OK.

    I also found a cam/crank occiloscope to see if my reluctor has moved and seems OK (see picture)

    Im boggled on what can be going on lol

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    Default Idle surging, Running rich

    Yeah, im boggled too ! Lol

    Wish i could come look at it, where do you live? State?

    What does the Baro read? And what does Baro and map HG read with KOEO? Do you have another map to try? I know yours is new. What engine did you enter in setup? LQ4, LM7 etc.

    Does it fire up on the first try? Does it backfire on startup? Who installed the cam? Was it degreed? Still no codes, ever? You sure you have every vac port plugged or in use, none broke or are cracked during install? Where's your IAT sensor mounted? Have you replaced the IAC since this install or its the same from the other setup. If same, try replacing it. What transmission? Auto or manual? Is the surging condition just in gear? Just trying to think of any possibility. Email me ur phone number and a time to call in the evening and ill give you a call.

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