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Thread: 347 w/ Paxton Blower Settings Help!

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    Default 347 w/ Paxton Blower Settings Help!

    Just wondering if you ever got the rotor phasing corrected and how it ran afterwards?

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    Sorry for not responding. It has been crazy at work, but that is always a great thing. I corrected the rotor phasing, to be honest I can't even remember what I ended up doing. I'll have to double check which actually way worked and report back.

    I have not driven the car much, it does run fairly well but still occasional light backfire under light partial boost. I found some less than desirable news when I removed the Paxton manifold and intake pipe. My Paxton Novi 1200 supercharger impeller is showing some serious wear, bits of teeth missing. Since I found the damage, I have not sealed the Paxton manifold, so it is definitely a source of a major boost leak currently.

    IMG_0698 (2).JPG

    I have no idea how long the damage has been there. I can't blame the shop that installed the MSD Atomic system for me. I just can't see why they would have had to remove the intake pipe, all the work they performed could be done with it in place. This very well could have been there since I have bought the vehicle, possibly caused by the original owner/mechanic. I have never removed the actual intake pipe from the blower itself, just the filter several times. I did find a single remnant of the impeller, anywhere, the dirt residue also looks quite old. I can't say for sure that the impeller bits did not go in to the motor itself, whenever it did happen. The car ran extremely well before the MSD Atomic install, just a little rich for my taste and well being a modern kiddo; I didn't like the cold start carb struggles.

    I am planning on removing the blower in the near future and sending it to either Vortech or 928 Motorsports to replace the impeller and rebuild it. Only after that, will I seal up the Paxton manifold and start trouble shooting again. I might reset the Atomic while the blower is off and see how I like the car without the blower on there but with the low compression 347, I don't know what to expect.

    Thanks for all the help. I'll update here as I go and probably ask for some more assistance when the time comes.

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    I had the supercharger off the car the past few weeks and drove it a few times. I still had the same hesitation issues that I had with the blower on. Car starts extremely well. Idles perfectly. Re-starting easily when warm/hot. I just have serious hesitation when under medium to full throttle. It feels like the car bogs down or stumbles when the rpms get close to the Total rpms set on MSD atomic settings. Could be a timing issue?

    I just finished installing the new 928 motorsports impeller on the Paxton Novi 1200 and will hopefully be re-installing the blower in the next few weeks. I want to make sure I am understanding the vacuum connections needed. My understanding per the instructions were to not mess with the boost refernce port because I have a Draw-Thru setup?

    Should it be set up like Figure 1 or Figure 2 or any other suggestions?

    My setup;

    • SBF 347 stroker
    • T5, Ford 9” 3.89 Detroit Locker
    • Anderson Racing B31 Camshaft 220/222 .490/.530 110
    • Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold 2121
    • Edelbrock 60269 – Performer RPM Cylinder Head w/2.02 in. intake valves
    • MSD 6a Ignition Control
    • MSD 8202 Blaster 2 Ignition Coi
    • MSD 8579 Distributor
    • Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tank and Pump w/ return set @ 40psi
    • No power brakes or steering, no other vacuum accessories

    The image below shows how the shop had my car configured prior to me removing the blower to replace the damaged impeller;

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