I had a shop install the MSD Atomic EFI system on my supercharged 347 1965 Mustang Fastback last October. I initially picked up the car in November but it had some hot start problems and also the charging system was not working. Took the car back to the shop and had a new alternator installer and they fixed the hot start issues and a few other problems I had.

Got the car back but I am still have some issues. I have lost faith in the shop and I am trying to learn and just remedy this myself. I found that the block is not grounded to the firewall, I will fix that and I will also be running a negative all the way to the block from the trunk mounted battery as it may fix my on going charging system issues.

There is some serious hesitation under partial boost. Car starts easy, no problem re-starting after it is hot. It idles smooth, just the hesitation under partial boost. By hesitation I mean like it is bogging intermittently as I am accelerating gradually.

Sorry if I am missing information. I am trying best I can what exactly they did while installing the system. The owner cannot tell me as he had a technician do the work and nothing was documented or they simply cannot remember. Please let me know if you need any additional information...

347 Coast High Performance Block

T5, Ford 9” 3.89 Detroit Locker

Paxton NOVI 1200 Supercharger (5-6psi)

Anderson Racing B31 Camshaft 220/222 .490/.530 110

Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold 2121

Edelbrock 60269 – Performer RPM Cylinder Head w/2.02 in. intake valves

MSD 6a Ignition Control

MSD 8202 Blaster 2 Ignition Coil

MSD 8579 Distributor

Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tank and Pump w/ return

Current firmware is

Dash: 2.0.7

ECU: 1.2.10

Power mod: 1.0.9

Camshaft Type: Mild

Fuel Pump Type: Non PWM with regulator

Idle RPM Target: 1025

Rev Limit: 6100

Ignition Timing

Idle RPM: 975

Total RPM: 1975

Idle Advance: 13.5

Total Advance: 34.0

Vacuum Advance: 0

Vacuum type:

Nitrous Retard: Off

Boost Retard: 4.0

A/F Targets

Idle: 14.0

Cruise: 13.8

WOT: 11.0

Boost: 11.5

Pump Squirt: 38%

Power Valve Enrich: 5%

The shop has the fuel pressure at 66-68psi, from what I have been reading, that is way too high. I also do not see that they utilized the boost port on the fuel regulator, I saw that it was mentioned in all the other supercharged threads for the fuel pressure to rise as the boost climbs

Youtube video of car starting (cold) and idling

Tach: 1093rpm

ECT: 148F
TPS: 0
Map: 13.1" HG
Fuel Press: 68 psi

Bat Volts: 12.0v
A/F Ratio: 13.9 AFR

Inj Duty: 5%
IGN Timing: 15.5 Deg
IAC Pos: 12

Thanks in advance,