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    Default Brainwave, Racepak

    I was going through some old posts and saw some talk of the brainwave. Was this an abandoned idea or what? And has anyone invested in a Racepak dash and be able to plug it into the controller?

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    Default Brainwave, Racepak

    Yes,it was abandoned. From what I'm told it's not gonna happen. The atomic LS didn't take off as well as they thought it would, So they shitcanned Brainwave. In my opinion,this is mostly due to them pricing it way above the competition on some bad advice they were given before launch. Had it been priced in the $1600 range like everyone else, they would have sold a shit ton more units!

    Very sad,and now that MSD is a Holley company,i hope the support and Atomic product line continues.

    As far as I know, the racepak will work as long as they still use the same can bus connector system. But..... for a $1500 racepak with datalogging capabilities, we've just priced ourselves into a stand alone system that is already datalog capable. They do have a Racepak dash for about half the price without data logging.

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    Default Brainwave, Racepak

    Yes I hope support and updates continue for this product seeing that it's a pretty easy system to install and setup. But to be honest the reason I bought this system was at the time I was ready to purchase a system they went on sale and I bought it because of the ease of install. And also it looked like it was going to have a lot of support. It seems so far to work great and will see how it does with my turbo. Just wish it had a larger screen for the dash like some of the others do. In my chevelle I have the old sweep style dash and wanted a plug n play setup and the racepak would be nice. But would of been nice if the brainwave would of took off so a TCM and dash could all plug n play without splicing wires.

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    Default Brainwave, Racepak

    I asked about the racepak dash the IQ3s to see if it is compatible with the MSD LS stuff as it says it is for the TBI but have not heard back from them yet. I think that would be a cool deal to have a basically plug and play dash that doesn't require extra sensors.

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