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    Just got my ls3 ready to start, I had a cam sensor code and switched the harness and the code went away, still no start the only other thing is the batt voltage has a code but I have 13 volts. Looking for some trouble shooting advice. Thanks Telly

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    Just make sure the computer grounds go to a good source that leads to a batt ground. My batt ground goes to a clean (shiny) part of the block. My ecu grounds go to the back of the heads. I only bring this up because bad or weak ecu grounds can drive you crazy!

    Make sure your not using a battery charger on a weak battery as your primary source, alot of ecu's don't "like" the "noisy" voltage of a battery charger. Make sure its a new or fully charged battery that spins the engine quickly. This can also give you this batt H or C code.

    The cam sensor won't stop it from starting, just give you a hard start. Check for C (current) codes while cranking under the crank sensor. That would make it not start. Also, review all the info you installed when "telling" it what engine you have. Is it a bone stock LS3? Coils,injectors,cam,etc...

    lemme know.

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    I got it running, it was a ground issue, I still have a cam code c and a map sensor code c. More trouble shooting help would be great! It's a kinda stock ls3 with a msd throttle body, msd coils 8287, stock ls3 intake, dod delete with a ls2 cam. Thanks Telly

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    Thats good you found it.

    C codes are current, meaning happening right now. Sorry if you knew that, just wanna be clear.

    With the map, you need to check the part # on it, it may not be ls3 compatible or not correct for the appl. Get the part # off it and manually enter it. Or its just bad.

    With the cam, i dunno if the DOD blocks have a provision for a rear (top) cam sensor but, the ls2 cam has no rear reluctor on it. It won't pick up a cam signal without it.

    And i believe ls3 requires a 4X cam gear. If not, you can't enter ls3 in the setup menu. What cam gear are you running? Either way, with the ls2 cam,you have to use the front cam connector and cover.

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    Its has a 4x gear I pulled the sensor and checked, and it is on the front of the motor. I am running it under a l92 it seemed to run better, I'll put it back to ls3 and check again. I also seen it wasn't in learning mode how can I turn it on? Thanks Telly

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    There's also 2 sets of wires that can plug into the cam sensor do you know which one is correct?

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    When you noticed it not being in learning mode what was the engine temp? It will not go into learn until it has reached op temp. Also I don't believe it will go into learn with a current fault. What engine are you starting with? Make sure that your coil part numbers and injector numbers are all matching on your handheld. If you put in it's an LS3 and your running the stock parts those parts should come up on the display. If they are not stock coils or injectors to that engine you can manual input them into the handheld. My injectors are much higher rate than stock and had to input them manually.

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    I'm not sure what the temp was but probably not at operating temp. It's a ls3, stock intake and injectors, msd coils, but it has a ls2 cam.

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    Op temp I believe is 185, it will not go into learn below that. When you put in LS3 into the handheld did the correct injector part # come up and did you manually input the MSD coils? When I first got mine fired up it ran horrible the first few starts. It fires and runs pretty good now. Some minor issues but I'm tinkering with settings that lspwrd has advised me on.

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    Switched the cam harness no codes! Woo hoo I think I got it! It's a rainy day here so I probably won't get any miles on it today but I think I'm really close.

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