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Thread: Amc 360 timing curve

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    Default Amc 360 timing curve

    The fact that you can't move the pintle, by pressing or pulling on it, is not necessarily indicative of a problem. The rotor and pintle stem utilize a fairly fine thread pitch. When the engine is struggling to maintain idle, can you hear the airflow through the IAC change pitch? It can range from a rather loud sucking / hissing upon cold start, to barely any noise on a warm start. If you hear a change in idle airflow, then chances are good that the IAC is responding.

    That being said, if you do opt to replace the IAC, I recommend Walker PN 215-1022 (

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    primosauce Guest

    Default Amc 360 timing curve

    MSD is sending me a new one but they are apparently out of them right now so I'm going to source that walker one which is apparently the same product according to ray at MSD. That way I have an extra one when the MSD one shows up. It also quit doing the sucking thing, I do remember that as I did do it at one point. It hasn't done that in a few days. The IAC has white crumbly stuff all around the base of the Pindel, almost looks like the porcelain wrapped around the electrode of a spark plug. What is that? MSD wasn't sure.Ill try and bring this to work today, post a picture of it.

    I know I saw a Borg Warner part number as well as the walker that was posted previous. Anyone know the Borg off hand just in case it's in stock And the walker isn't? I can find the part number, just have to hunt down that post. Thought somone might have that number easily accessible.

    Thank you

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    Default Amc 360 timing curve

    Thanks for the assist guys.

    Been away for a while, trying to catch up now.

    The IAC definitely needs replacement.

    One question I have is, has the vacuum port where the distributor was connected, been blocked off?

    Is the idle still high?

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    primosauce Guest

    Default Amc 360 timing curve

    Yes, that hose has been removed and the port plugged.

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    Default Amc 360 timing curve

    Thanks for the assist alfalfa.

    That is correct, there should be a noticeable change in sound at the throttle body as the IAC moves. As the IAC POS goes up the noise level should increase also.

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    Old thread, hoping all is well. But that 25% pump shot I found to be way too high and caused stumbling off idle. I lowered mine to 12% if I remember, and it's a 412 CI (AMC 401). I find 10-15% works good on my setup, with the Edelbrock performance package, street cam. Settings in the Atomic are at Street, I've changed the AFR for idle and cruise to 14.7. Total timing is 35 (I think) with the 15 degree phasing.

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