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Thread: TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    I resized the pic and it let me download it. Lemme know if you can see it.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    The fuel system.....

    Didn't want a custom/expensive tank,didn't want a fuel cell,didn't wanna cut up the trunk floor. So here's the answer.....

    2 bosch 044 pumps (second pump comes on @ 5psi boost)

    3 liter surge tank.

    An inline carter fuel pump to supply the surge tank.

    Stock gas tank

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    That looks really good. I need some of those. Was thinking of running the up and forward headers just afraid of the steering shaft clearance. I put a cell in mine, the floor already needed work to repair so cell it was. And I'm running an off brand pump that looks like an A1000 but 1/3 the price.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    If you don't mind me asking how much clearance do you have on your steering shaft? And do they clear the accessory drive? I'm running truck drive and intake. Where did you get those bends and pipe cause it really does look good.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    Thank's , i appreciate it. I got all the bends from Colombia River mandrel bending. U can get one piece or a whole universal assortment of bends/shapes. It's all 2" i.d.

    There's plenty of room around the shaft and accessories, i built the hotside around every thing. I use F-body accessories but the alt/power steering combo mount is not OE,it's from Speedway Motors. It gave me all the room and spacing that no OE brackets could. Up and forward works,and its less work, but i didn't like the look of the hotside up high like that. Either way works fine.

    Heres some pics during fab and installed.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    2" OD bends and 3" tube? I looked on that site and I may attempt this with 11gauge bends and 3" 11 gauge pipe. They have the turbo transitions also but only in 16 gauge. Did you buy the flanges from them also? I saw the have them in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 and different exhaust openings. I'm no pro welder but I have access to a few welders and cutting equipment. I would really like to do a twin setup and this just might be a good way to get it done. On 3 has a 61mm turbo that would be great for a twin setup.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    It's all 2" i.d. , its kinda the opposite of what us NA guys would normally think (bigger pipe is better) you want to stay on the small side on the primary exhaust side to maintain velocity and pressure, especially if your thinking twins. 2.25 at most. If this is your first turbo v8, i suggest a single. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. Twins can be over complicated for a mostly street car/first build with all the plumbing.

    iirc, i did get the T4 flange from them, i believe i got the LS flanges from jegs,eithe way,plenty of sources, my suggestion would be 1/2 min thickness on T4 and as thick as you can get on the LS flanges. I actually did all the welding with a Lincoln 100A flux core welder! So, any welder will do really. I also used an angle grinder and a Harbor Freight portable band saw, which was a huge help.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    I forgot to add, the manifold logs and 90* elbows are all sch-40 steel pipe. I got all these at a local steel pipe supply but you can find online as well. Approximately .150 wall thickness.

    This is the kit i started with to give you an idea.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    It just looks like your main pipe that all the 90's dump into is larger OD anyway. the reason I like the twin is looks to be less piping on the hot side and lots of room on either side. Plus my f150 has twins lol I'm not sure I can let my Chevelle have less. I'm not against either at all I just have to get my mind set and buy the parts.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    Tell us about your timing and fuel settings. I haven't powered mine up yet. Are there any settings for e85 or do you just adjust air fuel ratio manually? There is not much info out there or on here. Thanks for any info.

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