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Thread: TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    Just wanted to share my build and experience with you guys. For any doubters, haters or skeptics, im here to tell ya, this system WORKS!

    I bought this system because it was the only plug and play self learning LS system that handles boost (As well as nitrous). This for me was a home run! I could build any combo i wanted and not pay a tuner every time i made an engine component change, sold!

    So off i go with my first turbo build, and my first LS swap. The car is a 70 chevelle and i used a 100k used stock 5.3. I fabbed my own log style turbo exhaust manifolds. I'm using e85 because there's alot around me and for all of it's benefits of course. Here's the build,lemme know if anyone has any questions or needs any help.

    The combo...

    70 Chevelle,100k 5.3, single On3-76 turbo,3.55s, LS2 cable intake, Tick turbo cam,Yank PY3400 billet triple disc,4L80E, Jakes D3 brake, Atomic ls efi, 3800lbs. Best so far but there's more in this im sure. 10.76@127 with bad 1.8 60'

    9s to follow ! Haha!

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    I know this has nothing to do with MSD, but your build is very similar to my plans. How do you like your on3 turbo? Complaints or regrets? How's your spool up? My car had a very strong 400 sbc custom roller cam and all. 70 Chevelle with 3.73 and TH400 trans 3000 stall. But I want to go 4L80e I would like the OD.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    The turbo has been great! I did a alot of research online (ls1tech) before buying. This was a semi budget build from the start so i wanted to try one of the Chinese knock offs that people have been having such great success with. No complaints really, the exh side is very small (and limiting) but you don't get a choice at the delivered price of $350 !!! Response/spool is rediculously fast! So for a street car that wants 5-600 rwhp its great!

    I also pulled out a great engine/trans to do this swap (383/400 w/trans brake/4.10s ran 11.50s@11

    and have no regrets, ive put more miles on it this past season than in the last 10 years I've owned this car! Absolutely do the 4l80e,you'll love it!

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    That's good to hear. I have been looking at the turbonetics hurricane series but also was looking at the on 3 stuff. I want to make sure it will not be the limiting factor of my build because after I get everything running on boost I want to build a little stronger setup to handle more boost. At the moment 500 to 600 rwhp should be plenty. Later I want to be able to turn it up for track use.

    What are you using to control your 4L80E? Or are you running it as manual?

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    Just go with the On3 for now and do more research and save for the big turbo later. You'll need a bigger exh wheel for 700rwhp and more. They have a newer version of mine, a 78/75 which is a little bigger on both sides to support a little more power. I think its $4-450 shipped, I'd start with that one. Believe me, 5-600 rwhp is CRAZY fun and no slouch.

    I use the MSD tcu to run the trans,works great!

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    Awesome. Is your trans built or stock?

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    Its built. I built it myself, as well as my engine and rear end. But the MSD tcu will run a stock or built trans.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    You wouldn't happen to have any pics of your fabbed log manifolds would you?

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    Yes, but I've tried to post pics on here and it keeps saying too file too big. Ive also tried drop box,i dunno what works on here. I'll send em to anyone's email if you want, lemme know.

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    Default TURBO ATOMIC 5.3LS ON e85, RUNS 10s !!!

    I will send you a message with my email.

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