I have the truck kit 2957, most everything looks like it will go together but I have a few questions.

I know I need to get new pigtails for my injectors that are EV6


1. Is the factory MAF not used that is in the duct work before the intake? I don't have a connection for it that I see.

2. Same thing for the knock sensors are they not used?

3. IAC2 on the passenger side? The one on the drivers side fits so if I am reading correctly the passenger side is not?

4.Large 8 pin purple connector on the passenger side says ETC/VVT . I don't have variable timing so again not used?

5. What does ETC stand for?

6. and last o the crank sensor there are two harnesses that look to fit...a short one and a long one? Any idea which is used...pins are different.

Thanks in advance for any help