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Thread: 302ish surge

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    Default 302ish surge

    '75 bronco daily driver and 4X4

    fresh rebuild 150 miles not sure of compression

    306 mild cam, aluminum heads, hydro boost brakes & headers

    MSD 6AL

    MSD 8579 dist, not locked (should I lock it)

    Atomic EFI

    Was hesitant on excel and I stole some #'s off of Bluesman on this forum

    now it surges at idle (drops RPM to almost stall and revs up again) intermittently

    holds idle pretty well in gear, revs up to 2000 when i put it in neutral

    timing @ 11



    disp 306

    cyl 8

    cam street stock

    fuel pmp pam 38 psi

    air pmp no

    idle 900

    rev limit 5800

    timing control disabled


    fans 180-190

    AF targ idle 14.5

    cruz 14.5

    WOT 12.8

    nit off

    boost 11.9

    ign timming 900

    total RPM 2600

    idl adv 15

    total adv 36

    vac adv 12

    non ported

    squirt 19%

    power valve 24%

    IAC 5-10

    I don't know what most of these mean, and dist not locked I think a lot is not important right?

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    Default 302ish surge

    It appears that you are trying to have the Atomic control timing. However, the distributor is not locked, and I'm assuming that an adjustable rotor is not installed. This is a bad combination.

    Which wiring diagram did you follow when installing the system? Is the system wired so that the Atomic can control timing?

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    Default 302ish surge

    the rotor is one piece, got it used. I believe it is wired up to run timing other than that. Should I try to lock it it out and get the rotor? I wanted to upgrade slowly bu that didn't work out...or can i set all those #s to 0.

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    Default 302ish surge

    Please verify how the system is currently wired up.

    Is the distributor connected to the throttle body or the MSD Ignition box?

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    Default 302ish surge

    Looks like is wired to the 6AL box, purple and green all the way back. So timing control should not be an issue.

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    Default 302ish surge

    Did you ever try running it at the default settings and if so how did it run?

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    Default 302ish surge

    Islandrat wrote:
    Looks like is wired to the 6AL box, purple and green all the way back. So timing control should not be an issue.

    In that case the Timing Control should be left on "DISABLED" and the IGNITION TIMING settings will not come into play.

    What spring and bushing combination do you have in the distributor?

    What is the Idle timing?

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    Default 302ish surge

    All righty than. I assumed I started at default settings.... I don't think I did. Did a reset and drove 50 fwy and @ 25 through town and it is running WAAAY better. It has blue springs and bushings in dist. and timing is @11 and street stock is what I used for cam....Been busy so I did this today and will run it a few days and update. Again, thanx

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    Default 302ish surge

    Sounds good. Please give us an update after you get a chance to drive it some more.

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