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Thread: No power under WOT

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    Default No power under WOT

    What tach are you looking at when you see it falling off around 5k?

    The dash tach? Aftermarket?

    The handheld?

    May have a vacuum leak somewhere and ecu can't compensate on the top end. Shouldn't smell gas soo strong. Spray all intake gasket surfaces with brake clean or tb cleaner and look for vacuum leaks.

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    Default No power under WOT

    It's an aftermarket tach. It's not a high end brand. I will get up tomorrow and spray the gaskets and check for vacuum leaks. It's supposed to be another nice day tomorrow. What are you pulling for vacuum? I'm not sure what your cam specs are, but you had mentioned my cam was similar to yours.

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    Default No power under WOT

    Only look (or have someone ) at the handheld. Aftermarket, can be off pretty far on the top end sometimes. You may not even have a problem at all !

    My cam is 217/227 @ .050 638/621 on a 114+4 Tick turbo grind. Not too far from yours. Im around 15-16" vacuum.

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    Default No power under WOT

    Ok took it out this morning and my tach is fairly close it actually falls off closer to 46 to 4800. But I also found 2 vacuum leaks that will require new intake gaskets. I reused the stock intake gaskets which looked good but was probably a mistake. It's on both sides rear two cylinders. Sprayed some TB cleaner around the intake gaskets and sure enough it caused rpm fluxuations ever time. So I will order some. Will that cause that drop off at the 4800?

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    Default No power under WOT

    Its very possible. Those are definitely cylinders you don't wanna lean out! And im sure it's more than those to one degree or another. Even if it doesn't fix it, it needed to be done. Check the throttle body and anything connected to the intake as well. It's possible it can't compensate for the very lean condition up top and cuts fuel out to save itself. Where is your O2 mouned as well?

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    Default No power under WOT

    My O2 is mounted on the pass side on the pipe after the modified truck manifold. It's basically stock location of a trucks exhaust.

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    Default No power under WOT

    How did you make out with the intake gaskets? Run better?

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    Default No power under WOT

    Well haven't installed them yet, gotta wait til the weekend so I have time. But I'm guessing it should pick up a little something. But I'm debating since I'm going to have it pulled apart some should I go ahead and install my new injectors. Just don't know how it will do with the larger injectors.

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    Default No power under WOT

    Ok, new gaskets are in. Those new fel-pro gaskets with the metal frames are twice as thick as the factory. I also put my new injectors in, I hope it can learn with these things in there. They are rated at 83lbs at 58psi. I set it to 83 and it took a few tries but fire up and ran, sprayed all around the new gaskets and throttle body checking for more leaks. Found none, but after warm up I still get that raw unburnt fuel smell. It could be that it's still learning, hope it's not the injectors causing an issue. It's running with 1% duty cycle at idle 800rpm and holding 14.9 AFR. I will take it off out for a drive tomorrow and see how it runs.

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    Default No power under WOT

    Ok took it out, it pulls pretty hard but still falls off at around 5k rpm. And I still get that unburnt fuel smell. It does seem to run a little better. I sprayed everything with tb cleaner and find no other vacuum leaks. Throttle response is pretty good and it may still need some learning I'm sure only had it running for about 30 to 45 min for the warm up and test drive.

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