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Thread: No power under WOT

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    Default No power under WOT

    Not sure on what the total oe timing is but, adding a little to wot settings like you did should be fine. Just don't get crazy looking for power doing that because there's no knock sensors to save you.

    Go under diagnostics after a wot pull,is there any H codes?

    Try stock cam settings when you get a chance to rule that out. Its usually a fuel pressure loss or maybe a used crank sensor thats going bad when its hot.

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    Default No power under WOT

    My fuel pressure does drop a few psi, I'm running a boost ref regulator so it drops a few psi during hard acceleration but not under 56psi so far. Maybe I should disconnect it until I get my turbo stuff installed. And there are no codes that I have seen. But later this week I will set it to zero advance WOT and set it to stock and see what it does later this week.

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    Default No power under WOT

    I just re-read ur first post and realized ur runnin stock injectors. What size are they? You may be maxing them out. (Especially on the mild cam setting) I want you or a passenger to watch the injector duty cycle (INJ DC) during a long wot pull that causes it to fall on its face. Let us know if it goes to 100% during a pull

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    Default No power under WOT

    What I have found on the net it is 25.2lb/hr at 58psi. I have ordered 72lb/hr injectors for my future turbo setup. Once the weather warms up for this weekend I will make a run and see where it sits at WOT. I want to get it figured out before I turbo this thing.

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    Default No power under WOT

    Ok, switched it to stock. It won't make it to the 14.8 idle a/f after its warmed up. It runs rich at 12.7 3% duty 20 timing and I have idle at 800 and it stays around 870 to 900. Map is around 15. Did a wide open run also still falls off at 5k. Duty cycle never went above 70%. Timing at 22, a/f 13.1 fuel pressure 62 psi. It did hit 12.5 for a short time.

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    Default No power under WOT

    Any ideas on this one?

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    Default No power under WOT

    I guess stock is too mild for the overlap of you cam. Go back to mild if it runs better there and it can keep your afr's in check.

    It doesn't kick any H codes after a wot run? Can you have someone watch the fuel pressure during a wot pull? Where did you ground the 2 small ground wires from the rails? Don't use the coil pack bracket for a ground,I've personally seen it not provide a good ground. Only use the cyl head for grounds.

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    Default No power under WOT

    No codes, the pressure goes to 62psi during the WOT run. The wires are grounded to a stud at the rear of the heads. And my battery ground is to the heads as well.

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    Default No power under WOT

    Whats the rev limiter set at? There are 2 in this section, fuel and ignition. I suggest fuel cut. Make sure its not at 5k, this would give you the fall on its face feeling. I suggest 6200 to be safe.

    Also check to make sure there isn't constant power at the blue 2-step wire, this will activate The 2-step and give you this symptom.

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    Default No power under WOT

    Drove it today to work since the weather was nice. Only 10 min away. It ran ok still falling off around 5 k. Rev fuel is at 6500 and ignition at 10000. Factory setting. The blue wire is capped and 2 step set at 10000. The one thing I noticed today is a pretty heavy fuel smell from the exhaust like it's not burning all the fuel. TPS enrichment is 18% and MAP enrichment I have at 8%.

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