I have got my car running and it idles great and drives nice and smooth. The issue I have is under full throttle it just flat falls on its face. Its a basically stock 2002 5.3 with a cam and valve springs. Cam specs

Lift .613 .617

Duration @ .006 277 281

valave timing @.050 INT 4 42 EXH 52 1-

109 centerline

Duration @ .050 227 231

Lobe lift .361 .363

Lobe sep 113

Rocker arms 1.70

This was a custom speced cam for my future turbo setup. The injectors are factory for now, all sensors are factory. At idle I'm running 21* timing and under part throttle is runs clear up to 38*timing under full I havnt been able to look at it I don't want to hurt the engine.