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Thread: Buick 215 Help, Some Small Issues

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    Default Buick 215 Help, Some Small Issues

    I think that you need more adjustment on the throttle blades. The IAC should be controlling idle however you mentioned that timing is changing to control the idle. With the motor at operating temp (180*) and tranny in neutral if your IAC is 0 turn each of the adjustment screws equally 1/8 turn CCW to close the plates. Check and see if the IAC cnt goes up. Try to get the cnt around 10 for now and see if it improves any. If you change the base timing (12*) to something else you will need to do this adjustment again.

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    Default Buick 215 Help, Some Small Issues

    So you are suggesting closing the throttle blades down even more and letting the IAC do the work? I can certainly try that. I will tweak it and drive it this afternoon to see what happens

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    Default Buick 215 Help, Some Small Issues

    The idle air control valve is designed to adjust engine air intake at idle which controls the engine idle speed. The PCM receives feedback data from various sensors to send output signals designed to adjust the air passage open or closed which adjusts the engine idle speed. At engine speeds above idle, the valve is not used and does not effect the engine. Engine idle speeds are not adjustable. You want this controlling idle and not engine timing. I believe that a IAC cnt of 0 is not recommended but an MSD Tech can comment.

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    Default Buick 215 Help, Some Small Issues

    For an Automatic transmission a starting target IAC is between 5 - 15.

    A Manual transmission is between 10 - 20.

    Please keep in mind that these are just general starting points. The key thing is to get a comfortable idle and the IAC is able to save the engine from stalling due to hard stops or anytime the throttle is closed really quick.

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    Default Buick 215 Help, Some Small Issues

    You have small ci engine compared to most. I have had similar problems with my Holden 6 which is a 202ci and it has taken me nearly 2 years to adjust What is your idle at rest? My engine was designed to run at 750 but for the idle to run smoothly without IAC problems the idle needed to be at 900 rpm. The other thing is I dropped my PV to 10. Did a comprehensive reset - I am going through the early learning phase but the car doesn't stall anymore at a stop (it has stalled a couple of times though but not like it used to). Hope this helps

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    leftcoasterik - Can you update us on your setup please? I have just installed the Atomic EFI on my Buick 215. I used your numbers you posted as a starting point and the engine fires right up, idles nicely, and seems to behave well as it warms up. I have not put it on the road yet (the roads are a little nasty right now) but hope to within a few days. If you could post an update of your settings as they are now, and how it is working for you, it would be really helpful.

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