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    Default Settings(2)

    Looks like we have similar setups, below are the settings I have been running with for a few months (they're not perfect, have dieseling at shut off and random backfires on high rpm coasting):

    Initial Settings

    Cu In: 383

    # of Cyl: 8

    Cam Type: Mild

    Fuel Pump Type: non pwm w/ regulator

    Idle rpm target: 800

    Rev Limit: 6500

    Timing control: Enabled

    Advance Setup


    Fan 1: 188

    Fan 2: 190

    A/F Target

    Idle: 14

    Cruise: 14

    WOT: 12.8

    Ignition Timing

    Idle RPM: 900

    Total RPM: 2900

    Idle Advance: 15

    Total Advance: 36

    Vacuum Advance: 10

    Vacuum Type: Non-ported

    Nitrous Retard: OFF

    Boost Retard: 1.0

    Pump Squirt: 27%

    Power Valve Enrich: 16%

    Below is my setup:

    Engine/Trans: modeled after this AFR chevy street package:

    - 383 stroker

    - AFR 195cc Street Cylinder Heads
    - AFR Titon Composite Manifold
    - 10.5 to 1 Compression
    - AC Delco 41-629 plugs gapped at 0.040in
    - 1 3/4” Headers
    - Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam #12-433-8 (236/242 with LS of 110)

    - Atomic #2910

    - MSD 6AL

    - Fuel pressure at 55psi with return line

    - 6 speed Tremec t-56 magnum with 3.73 gears

    Let me know if you fine tune and optimize the settings more.


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    Default Settings(2)

    Try setting Power valve to 15%. I had the same backfire on decel and that setting corrected that.

    Ignition Timing

    Idle RPM: 900 => set this to 1000, leave Idle target at 900

    If you haven't done this try "Ported" for vacuum advance too.

    see if this helps.

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    Default Settings(2)


    Thanks for catching my copy/paste error... correct I have:

    Idle RPM Target = 800

    Idle RMP = 900

    I'll try lowering the PV enrich to 15.


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    Default Settings(2)

    Let me know how it runs. I think that our motors are pretty similar, here's my settings:

    The dizzy is set to 15*BTDC when the controller has timing locked

    Target RPM is 850

    Idle RPM is 950

    Idle Advance 14

    Total Advance 34* @ 2500RPM

    Cam set to Mild, did not like performance as much


    Idle 14.0

    Cruise 14.0

    WOT 12.8

    Pump Squirt 27%

    Power Valve Enrich 15%, I did this because I had a slight backfire on quick engine decel

    Vacuum adv is 10* Ported

    Fuel pressure is 50psi with pump set at pwm with regulator.

    My Motor:

    351C bored .030 over, 10.47:1 CR.

    Ford 4V heads closed chamber 62cc

    Blue Thunder Intake

    Hooker Headers

    C6 with 2800 stall

    Rear 3.89

    I have a return fuel line with regulator installed

    Cam 225/235 @.50

    Duration 292*

    Lift .530in, .550ex

    MSD 8580 Dizzy locked out with 8421 rotor that modified to get the 15* retard

    MSD 6AL

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    Default Settings(2)

    ChaseMosal wrote:

    MAP at idle is 18-19 "hg

    MAP with engine off is 29.5

    Idle target was 1000 but I bumped it down to 900 via Bojo previous post

    Does changing the cam setting require a reset? Or can I change that and see what results I

    get before performing a reset?

    It is recommended to perform a comprehensive reset when changing the cam setting, especially if the system has had time to learn on the previous setting.

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    Default Settings(2)

    Here are my new settings

    A/F targets: idle - 14.0

    cruise - 14.0

    wot - 12.8

    Idle RPM: 850

    Total RPM: 2300

    Idle advance: 15.0

    total advance:35

    vacuum advance:10.0

    vacuum type: ported

    I have been starting the car and driving it everyday since i started this post and made these changes, since then i haven't had any trouble starting the car. However now i am having the hesitation between 0-1500 RPM or right at take off. I had this problem when i first purchased the EFI kit and finally was informed to put the fuel damper on the side of the throttle body. Once i did that i hadn't had any problems until now. Could the damper be malfunctioning already? I also have not changed the cam setting from mild to performance yet. Other than the hesitation issue the changes i made, via you guys, have improved starting the car up, idle, and WOT performance!

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    Default Settings(2)

    Just curious, what are the final PV and PS settings?

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    Default Settings(2)

    As bojo asked, what are the current PS and PV settings?

    Is the Idle RPM Target still at 900?

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    Default Settings(2)

    PV is still 19%

    Pump squirt is 25%

    Both idle RPM targets are set to 850

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    Default Settings(2)

    ChaseMosal wrote:

    PV is still 19%

    Pump squirt is 25%

    Both idle RPM targets are set to 850

    Chase, if I'm reading this correctly, your target idle is 850, and your idle rpm on the timing screen is 850. This could be your stumble issue. Your idle rpm should be about 100rpm higher than your target idle. So if your target idle is 850, your idle rpm should be 950.

    If the stumble is the only issue you're having now, and the Atomic is meeting all your targets (idle, afr, etc.) then I WOULD NOT change to the performance setting. Many of our cam profiles on here call for the Performance setting, but a lot of us have found that the MILD setting is what our engines need. It seems we're getting close to what your engine needs. I believe we can help you get that stumble tuned out on your current cam setting.

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