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    I need advice on where to put my settings. I am running a SBC 383. Atomic is controlling timing with no fuel return set up. Cam duration @ .050 intake:236 exhaust:242. I have the digital 6AL box, pro-billet distributor, blaster coil, and super conductor wires. My exhaust will burn off your eyebrows while idling. I set the idle A/F target at 15 but its still pretty strong. Also hesitates going from cruise to WOT, hard to start sometimes no matter hot or cold. Anyone have any recommendations on where my power valve, pump squirt, start up timing, A/F targets, etc should be? also what should the vacuum setting be ported or unported? I have no idea what this setting is referring to. Thanks!

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    Default Settings(2)

    What are ALL of the current settings?

    What is the current Firmware?

    Do you know what the cam lobe separation angle is?

    Is this a manual or automatic transmission?

    Where is the fuel pump located?

    Is the Handheld located in the cab so that someone can monitor it while you drive?

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    Default Settings(2)

    Current firmware is Dash:2.7.0


    Power mod:1.0.9

    A/F targets Idle:15.0



    Idle RPM:1000

    Total RPM:2300

    Idle advance10.0

    Total advance:35.0

    vacuum advance:10.0

    Vacuum type:unported

    Pump squirt:25%

    Power valve:19%

    cam type:mild

    fuel pump type PWM no regulator

    rev limit:6200 with rev limit off on 6AL

    Cam lobe separation is 110.0

    lobe lift is Intake.3470 Exhaust.3600

    Cam is a comp cam part number 08-433-8

    Auto trans turbo 400 with 2700 stall 3:55 rear diff

    fuel pump is located directly under fuel tank but not inside tank

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    Default Settings(2)

    Also, yes the hand held programmer can be used while driving

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    Default Settings(2)

    A/F targets Idle:15.0 => 14.0

    Cruise:14.6 => 14.0

    WOT:14.0 => 12.8

    Idle RPM Target:900

    IDLE RPM:1000

    Total RPM:2300

    Idle advance10.0 =>14 (probably could be a little more)

    Total advance:35.0

    vacuum advance:10.0

    Vacuum type: unported

    Pump squirt:25%

    Power valve:19%

    cam type:mild

    I would start here and fine tune from there. I am assuming that you have locked the distributor and phased the rotor and timed the car to 15* with timing disabled already.

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    Default Settings(2)

    Thanks Bojo. Yeah the distributor is locked and rotor phased. I plan on running 114 octane gas. I assume this won't cause any problems?? Also what is the "vacuum type" setting referring to??

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    Default Settings(2)

    Ported vacuum is above the throttle blades; no vacuum at idle.

    Non-ported (manifold) vacuum is below the throttle blades; full vacuum at idle.

    The Atomic can now work the advance either way. Originally the Atomic was set to ported vacuum. I suggest trying this setting first.

    I am running 92 octane with 10.5 : 1 CR with no issues with 14* Idle advance. I could probably use another degree or two but haven't tried that yet. Also I am using Ported Vacuum and my motor runs well but others say to use non-ported. For me non-ported ran pretty rough. Lastly make sure to adjust your idle (IAC CNT) per the instructions, very important.

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    Default Settings(2)

    That is correct: Ported does not have vacuum at idle, Non-Ported has full vacuum advance at idle. They basically work opposite of each other.

    I noticed that A/F target for WOT (wide open throttle) is set to 14. This is too lean, I suggest bringing that back up to 12.8 (default). A target of 15 for idle is too lean also.

    What is the Idle RPM Target?

    What does the MAP read at key-on, engine-off?

    What does the MAP read during idle?

    The Atomic is set for a Mild cam, however the cam profile indicates it should be set for Performance.

    Try a comprehensive reset and try using the Performance cam setting.

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    Default Settings(2)

    MAP at idle is 18-19 "hg

    MAP with engine off is 29.5

    Idle target was 1000 but I bumped it down to 900 via Bojo previous post

    Does changing the cam setting require a reset? Or can I change that and see what results I

    get before performing a reset?

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    Default Settings(2)

    How is it running with the current settings? My cam qualifies for the performance setting but my motor runs better with the mild cam selection. Did you change the other settings beside the Idle target?

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