Installed atomic two years ago with no timing control, and pump outside tank, and return line. Went thru two pumps, an idle/ stalling issues, as well as performance, and fuel mileage issues. . Changed motor re-installed Atomic with timing control, and in-tank pump. Much better idle control, as well as throttle response. Fuel mileage still horrible 7-9 MPG . As well It is experiencing and off idle hesitation/stumble from closed throttle to 1/8 open. From a stop push pedal past the flat spot point it just hesitates then goes just fine. If I try to cruise thru a parking lot between these two points it will continue to sputter/ stumble until I go past his point or let of throttle.

Hopefully I just doing something wrong on set up. Can anyone advise?

Motor Profile Timing Control Enabled

350 CID +.30 Idle Rpm 775

Comp; 9.73:1 Total 3000, was 2800 No diff.

Cam Dur. Intake 234 Idle Adv 14 Deg

Exhaust 238 @ .50 Total Adv. 36 Deg

112 Lobe Separation Vacuum 10 Deg Ported

Auto Trans No Air Pump

Initial Setup PS 25%

Idle 675 rpm PV 15%

CID 355 A/F Idle 14.0, Cruise 14.8, WOT 12.8

Cam Profile "Mild" IAC Warm in Gear 0-5

PWM No Reg Map Key on 27.3- Running 18.8

Intake Pump