please help, i have the 2950 on my supercharged ls. I had to customise it somewhat but no problems for two or so years until now. I have 12pounds boost and I give it a 100 shot of nitrous (dry shot) making around 700 hp. I know that the atomic specified using a wet nitrous system , but I didn't want to run fuel through my supercharger intake because of possible fuel puddling and blowing the blower of the engine if it ever back fired. But the dry has been working well for me. It has worked flawlessly until now. I have an arming switch on my shifter and a wot switch on the throttle body. So I arm the system and the nitrous, timing, and additional fuel only come on when the micro switch on the throttle body sees wot. At the drags yesterday, as soon as I armed the switch on my shifter , the computer started dumping additional fuel through the injectors as if I was using the nitrous but I wasn't wot. When I switched off the arming switch the fueling would stop and the engine would run normal. It's as if the computer was sensing a lean mixture but it would not stop fueling up and would just foul the plugs if I didn't switch the arming switch off. It's never done this before. I used to be able to arm the system and there would be no change in the running of the engine until the micro wot switch saw flat out. The atomic was compensating with enough additional fuel when it sensed the lean spike of nos and would compensate flawlessly. And I have been using this method for a long time as I mentioned without problems and excellent AFRs .I checked the whole system and cannot find any earthing problems ect. I'm wondering if the atomics computer has learned to dump extra fuel when 12 volts are supplied to the brown/white wire? Even though it's not spraying the nitrous? But I would have thought the O2 Sensor would be the judge of what additional fuel to add? I know my situation my be a little unique given my set up and the fact I'm using a dry shot not the recommend wet shot. But any suggestions will be appreciated. Cheers