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Thread: drive by wire for Atomic EFI LS 2950?

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    Default drive by wire for Atomic EFI LS 2950?

    I've been reading conflicting information as to whether drive-by-wire is currently supported by master kit 2950 (ls2/ls3). Could someone from MSD please clarify? If DBW is supported, are extra parts needed?

    The LS3 I bought came with a factory (Corvette) throttle body, so I'm wondering whether I'll be able to use it with the 2950 kit.



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    Default drive by wire for Atomic EFI LS 2950?

    this video @ 8:50 say it does

    Also this page says available Summer 2013

    I would like to hear some feedback as well. I also have kit 2950 with an LS2 I am waiting to install with my DBW

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    Default drive by wire for Atomic EFI LS 2950?

    When I first bought the atomic kit in 2013 I was told it would be out in a few months. The last time I inquired about it was the spring of 2014 and it was still not available. I have also been waiting to get the brainwave setup, but again, every time I call I get responses talking about delays with copyrights, getting permissions for the apps and so on.

    To me it seems since Zcap bought MSD the development and customer support has dropped. I hope they make some progress/improvements soon.

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    Default drive by wire for Atomic EFI LS 2950?

    anyone hear anymore on a drive by wire set up yet?

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    Default drive by wire for Atomic EFI LS 2950?

    Unfortunately, neither the Brainwave or the TBW is going to happen. This is from my research and "inside" info. I was disappointed as well, really wanted the Brainwave when I was first considering this system. I run a LS2 intake by cable and works great ! Actually, its waay less complicated than TBW and less chance for an electronic part failure in my opinion.

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