I did a search and it appears others have installed this with a Paxton but just want to be sure. I have a 1965 Mustang Fastback with a 289 and have had a Paxton supercharger Small Block Ford Carb system (1001839) sitting in a box for a couple years. Was pricing blow-through carbs and for the price I'm considering stepping up to EFI.

Weiand Stealth manifold

Windsor Jr heads

MSD distributor (8582)

MSD Ignition (6200)

Competition Magnum Cam. Duration at .050 Intake 224; Exhaust 224. Lobe separation 110

I believe the compression ratio is around 9:1

Toploader 4-speed

I'd be upgrading the fuel delivery to a Return system. Maybe with an aftermarket gas tank with internal fuel pump, baffles (Tanks, Inc).

Anything look concerning? Should it work well in this application? Thanks