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Thread: Willits maiden voyage, Hugh success, so far.

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    Default Willits maiden voyage, Hugh success, so far.

    Well, I just got back from my first drive. A whopping 7 miles, and here's a few things I've learned. The system works on my 1986 El Camino. It learns fast! To the point that, by the time I got back from fueling it up, the throttle response was almost un-noticeable (which is a good thing) except the initial tip in is MUCH snappier. It's a little weird how the engine revs up when first started, but every time it settled right back down to 700 rpm. Cruising down the road, smooth as silk, and the one time I stepped on it, no hesitation or drama. Did it make Willits into super El Camino, no, just the same sluggish low performance I've grown to expect from this engine (low compression crate 350). However, I didn't loose anything either.

    It has been a good thing and a bad thing that I have been totally immersed in this forum for the last month or so while getting parts and doing this install in my spare time. Good in that I kinda knew what to expect on initial start. Bad, I worried about all the things that could go wrong with the limitations of the 29 year old GM electronic timing control, and not being able to upgrade to "state of the art" ignition systems being I have to pass CA smog.

    I didn't expect Willits to fire right up and purr like a kitten in the first 30 seconds. Heck it took at least 2 whole minutes for the idle to even out and everything to settle into steady rhythm. The big thing I noticed was the exhaust was much cleaner based on my nose exhaust analyzer. Before, I couldn't idle it in my garage (hot or cold) for more than about a minute or the fumes would drive you out. Now I had it idling for about 15 minutes while he warmed up and there was hardly any odor at all.

    Well, tomorrow I'll take him out for a 50 mile or so cruise and then I'm going to just enjoy driving.

    Below are a few pictures of the completed installation.

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    Default Willits maiden voyage, Hugh success, so far.

    Thanks for the feedback WillitsDad.

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