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Thread: 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

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    Default 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

    Hello, I just added the components to the Atomic system to allow the system to control timing. I reset the system and updated to the newest versions. I have it all set up correctly and it seems to run fine. I haven't taken it out and driven it because of poor weather. Before the timing control install the system would start fine but it just wasn't running as good as I desired. Now, for cold starts, I have to crank it for 25+ seconds for it to fire. Once it's running its fine. I did notice that the hand held was showing 0 psi at key on. I hear the pump come on and pressurize the system but no pressure is displayed. Once running the fuel pressure is displayed and seems to work fine. I seem to remember the display used to show pressure at key on.


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    Default 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

    The pressure should come up at key-on to around 30 psi or so.

    Is the system set up with a return line?

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    Default 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

    I'm running a return less system. The display shows over 100 rpm while cranking. Once I get it to fire, after about 25+ seconds of cranking, it will run and then shows fuel pressure. What might the issue be?

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    Default 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

    Check the ground for the fuel pump. Where is it currently grounded?

    It may need to be relocated to be more direct to the battery negative.

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    Default 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

    I believe that it is grounded to the frame. I'll double check. It didn't have this issue before adding the timing control components. If I run a ground directly to the battery and it still does this, what should I try?

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    Default 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

    Does the fuel pressure appear normal once you get it started?

    If the value seems to be different from what you used to see, install a mechanical gauge in the line to compare with.

    When the settings are returned to default, the fuel pump type goes to a return style system. When the system is mechanically set up as a return-less, the pressure sensor can be spiked and damaged. This can cause a false reading.

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    Default 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

    Thanks for all the feedback so far.

    The pressure seems normal to me. What I did notice after doing some more looking is that the pressure does come up when I turn the key on. It comes up to about 35+ psi. So that is a good thing. And once running it maintains about 35-40 psi.

    So I believe that pump itself is working fine and that the fuel pressure sensor is reading accurately. I did check the ground and it is fine. The pump runs the way it should. When I updated the system I re-entered all my previous parameters before starting. Including it being a return-less system.

    Why I was thinking that it wasn't reading pressure is because the pressure drops to 0 after key on, and this happens before I can get to the screen that shows me the fuel pressure. By cycling the key, the screen loads much quicker and I could see the pressure come up fairly quickly to 35+ psi and as soon as the pump stops, fuel pressure drops to 0 within about 2-3 seconds.

    There is another post here on the forum that is dealing with a similar issue as mine. Hard starting. In that post it mentions a possible check valve failure on the pump. I pulled the pump out and blew on the outlet to test the check valve and I was able to force some fuel back out of the pump. So the check valve will allow 2 psi back through. I'm thinking that my problem is directly related to this failed check valve.

    How Should I proceed?


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    Default 0 psi fuel pressure at key on

    We do cover our product with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Please contact our RMA department at 915-855-7123 to obtain a return authorization to get the pump exchanged.

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    I had the same problem. I know it sounds silly but, check the wires to the pump. Make sure the wires are not switched. I had my wire on the wrong posts.when fixed that it fired right up.

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