The LS3 came with a 1.3 bar MAP. He does have it set very
close to a 1.3 bar MAP in his custom setting (128 linear with a -.31 offset -
which are the stock settings on a LS3 MAP). I would recommend that he
actually select the correct MAP sensor, which should be 12591290.

The newest version of the instructions tells how to do this, but he
may not have them. The IAC should be down in the 5-20 counts (engine
warm, loads off) or the engine will die when coming to a stop. The TPS
must also be reading 0% when the engine is idling. If the throttle is
opened at all when doing the IAC setting, the engine must be shut down and the
key must be off for 7 seconds to reset the base TPS in the ecu. Also,
make sure the base voltage is >.5 volts and <1.5V with a closed
throttle. If it is below .45V, it may have a problem trying to
calibrate. It can go as high as 1.5V with no issues. If it is
higher than that, he has a problem somewhere because that is at least 25%
throttle on any throttle body. He will have to tap into the ground and
signal wires to read this.

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