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Thread: Can not get Engine Running Correctly

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    Default Can not get Engine Running Correctly


    I have a LQ4 block with L92 heads (LS2 370) that's connected to a 4L80E powered by a TCI EZ TCU programmer. I have added a resistor on the TPS signal as MSD thought the two programmers where fighting for the signal.

    I have been through 3 throttle bodies as MSD said the blades bend under vacuum & I have since added their throttle body (MSD 2940). I have also added their fuel regulator system (MSD 2922) their wires & changed their coils from MSD 8246 to MSD 8286. They did exchange these as a return. All my sensors are brand new and engine was professionally rebuilt from the block up.

    I have tried the dollar bill test (throttle body opening setting at idle) - not applicable, plus the two turn adjustment method as prescribed by MSD. The engine occasionally backfires and if I can get running, it will die for no reason a partial throttle. There is about 3/8" of adjustment screw pushing up the throttle body arm assembly.

    I have removed the spectra fuel tank / fuel pump & sunk $2k in a DSE stainless steel fuel tank & Walbro GS340 and set the MSD 2922 regulator so I have 64 psi on the handheld.

    I have no ERROR CODES being seen at all. I also added Stage 8 exhaust collector hardware to ensure no exhaust leaks at the O2 sensor.

    The engine continues to backfire, has sluggish throttle response, and if I get it running, will die unexpectedly at marginal throttle (TPS under 10%). I thought the new throttle body & coils would be the key, but it seems to have the same problems.

    I have attached the following PDF that track my numerous changes to try to get this thing running correctly. Quickly running out of time & money and any suggestions will be helpful. Hopefully MIKE can take this and help me find a solution.



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    Default Can not get Engine Running Correctly

    Thomas, we will be calling you today .

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    Default Can not get Engine Running Correctly

    Call please.


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