I am having difficulty getting my motor to run properly with the atomic controlling the timing. Here are the details:

351C bored .030 over, 10.4 CR.

C6 with 2800 stall

I have a return fuel line with regulator installed

Cam 225/235 @.50

MSD 8580 Dizzy locked out with 8421 rotor that modified to get the 15* retard



Dash 2.0.4

ECO 1.1.3

Power 1.0.9


Idle 13.9 : 1

Part Throttle 13.9 : 1

WOT 12.9 1

Target RPM 750

Adv start RPM 850

Total adv @ 2400 to be 34*

Idle adv 10*

Vaccum adv 10* ported

ECT is 185*

Cam setting is performance

Pump Squirt 25%

Power Valve Enrich 20%

Diagnostics show no error codes

Now the issue , when the timing is disabled the motor runs well however the RPM is around 1200 and the timing is at 15* BTDC. When the timing is enabled the motor runs rough and wants to die. I have a vaccum gauge attached with very low vac, vac with timing disabled is around 15".

Now a couple of questions:

* With timing disabled the IAC count is 0, is this normal?

* With timing enabled IAC count is high, around 150 if I remember correctly. Is there a way to reset the throttle blades to factory settings so I can try this again?

* Any reccomendations on what setup settings I should try?

I tried to provide all the info needed, let me know if I missed anything. This really has me stumped.