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Thread: at my witts end with atomic efi

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    Default at my witts end with atomic efi

    It should go into Closed Loop rather quickly, but actual learning does not take place until the coolant temp exceeds 152°F. Below that temp, in Closed Loop, it is running off the base VE table (with O2 sensor correction), and enrichment is a function of coolant temperature.

    What does the MAP read with Key On / Engine Off (KOEO)? Subtract your idle MAP reading (your photo shows 19.1" Hg) from the KOEO value to get the manifold vacuum. If the idling manifold vacuum is less than about 9.5" Hg, you are pushing the limits of what a speed/density system can handle with regard to your cam specs.

    In your 30JUN post, you said it was running overly rich at idle (fuel smoke), but cleared up when warm. Now, it seems to be the opposite - too lean during off-idle transients.

    You mentioned no current error codes. What about history codes?

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    Default at my witts end with atomic efi

    map reading with key on engine off is 29, so im looking at around 10 manifold pressure, it has always ran to rich until warmed up, that hasnt changed, it leans out when taking off, hence the hesitation, everything got better when i chose the mild setting on the cam, ran good for a few days and then back to the hesitation and lean problem off idle, and i should mention that just letting out on the clutch without giving it gas it will stall immediately, but if its going to run this bad when cold then im not going to be able to use this system, im not going to wait for it to warm up every time i want to drive it, thats ridiculous. and no history codes, i have noticed when running cold, the a/f is at 11. that is way to rich, there has to be a way to adjust that, thats going to ruin my plugs

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    Default at my witts end with atomic efi

    So I won't really go into how STUPID that comment about not warming up the engine is on a purely "best for the engine" basis, but really, I understand frustration but that is a bit silly.

    I'm sure there is an answer as to why its behaving this way. I typically bet on just finding the right settings but there are plenty of cases where there is a bad sensor or something that contributes.

    My car had a horrible time when cold for a while. I ended up finding a major vacuum leak when I replaced the brake booster. Once I fixed that, it runs like a champ cold. I do however always warm my car up. I'm basing the "runs like a champ" comment on throttle performance when I blip it or the ability to put it in gear and roll out of the garage without stalling.

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    Default at my witts end with atomic efi

    stupid ????? excuse me ??????? so im expected to wait every time my car is cold to reach 152 degrees before im able to drive it ??? that my friend is stupid !!!!! im not saying start it up and the drive like a bat out of hell, but come on !!, and there is absolutely no vacuum leaks !! i just dont think this system is very good and from looking at all the post on here im not the only one who thinks this way, i had the car running good then it started running bad on its own, no dtc present or history, has to be the ecu or the efi unit, and if i can ever get throught o tech support i will demand a new one or ill pack it up and return it, this is pathetic !!!

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    Default at my witts end with atomic efi

    Thank you fcsallan and alfalfa426 for the assist.

    semartin88, please send me a PM with your daytime contact number and I'll have one of the Techs call you. It would be best to be with the vehicle while on the phone with tech support. This will help to resolve the issue faster.

    Also, have you installed the latest firmware update that was posted last month?

    The Tech Support team is available Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm Mountain Time (excluding holidays) at 915-855-7123.

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