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Thread: El Camino Verde

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    jessentom Guest

    Default El Camino Verde

    I saw the car on Power Tour, loved the swap. The fit, finish and function are excellent. I want to use the motor mount adapter plates for my 86 Monte Carlo swap. Where can I get a set of them?

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    jameub86 Guest


    I am interested also! I have an '86 SS Monte as well with a 2002 TA ls1/4l60e ready to drop in it. Just waiting for the right mounts that suits the look I want.

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    JCoulter Guest


    These were prototype G body mounts built specifically for the application. We are working on production materials. I'll report back once a production release date is established.

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    jameub86 Guest


    Thanks for the follow up info. Jim.

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    jameub86 Guest


    Can you shed some light on which oil pan was used and what mounts were used to mount the r4 a/c compressor?

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    jessentom Guest

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    Thanks for the response guys and also for putting this mount into production. It really looks like a quality piece. The pic on the website is great. I am ready to pull the trigger and buy a set right now What I really like is that this uses the original clam shell mounts. Since I already have the poly inserts in mine and mounted on the frame I am all set for this.

    Correct me if I am wrong but when I asked about the AC compressor mount the engineer told me that they had used one that they had found on the internet. I remeber seeing it before and did a search and I think I found it:

    This solves the compressor issue in a few ways. It takes it up and away from the frame and is compatible with the G body original system.

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    jameub86 Guest


    I figured it was the youngsfbody mount. Sure would like to know what oil pan was used. I too am waiting for these mounts to put in my MCSS.

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    jessentom Guest

    Default El Camino Verde Motor mount release date

    Does anyone know when these adapter plates will be released for sale? I found the part number 12621HKR and instructions sheet online. The El Camino was featured today on PowerBlock TV. I found the retail dealers recommnded on the website. Auto Zone, Jeg's and Pace Performance all do not list the part even after a search by number and product line.

    Any news? Help!

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    jessentom Guest

    Default Holley conversion plates are for sale!

    Jegs has the entire line in stock.

    Hooker Headers 12621 - Hooker Headers LS Engine Swap Mount Plates, clamshell $113.00

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