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Thread: Problem with atomic efi

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    Hello everyone.. I'm having problems with my efi kit . The car is a 69 cougar . Engine is a 351w bored 30. Over with a lunati bare bones cam with 280/290 duration .472/496 lift aluminum heads .. . Ingnition is a Mallory hei distributor 85series. Now the first 3 days I got it to fire up n run only once 3 times once every day. It will turn on and run idle ok but when I ran it once it ran amazing but as soon as I parked it and shut it off it wouldn't turn on no more. Until the next day . N then once more the next day. N than after the 4th day i haven't been able to keep the car running.. . It just won't stay running.. Now it just turns over fires for a second or 2 n shuts of. Only thing I can think of doing now is removing the 2" billet spacer under the carb to see if that helps. But like I said , I've ran the car with this setup and now it won't fire.. . I usually can figure things out myself but I've run outta ideas and I'm actually thinking of putting a carb back on there and forget about it. Any help will be appreciated

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    msdtech1955 Guest

    Default Problem with atomic efi

    sounds like you lose the tach signal.

    1) grab your handheld ..look at the dash ( rpms)

    crank motor over to see if your getting any rpms to register.

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    Are you saying it does start and run for a few and then dies??

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    Thank you both for replying. Yes I tryed that yesterday and it is getting a tach signal. It shoes 130+ rpm when cranking. And it will fire for about 1 to 2 seconds then turns off.

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    Any other ideas anyone?

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    Hang in there...We'll get through this. Lets step back to basics. Fuel,spark and compression. We know you have compression, so lets concentrate on fuel and spark

    How is your fuel delivery set up?

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    I'm running the pwm pump return less and the handheld says 30-42 psi fuel pressure.. When cranking.

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    It stays running a couple of seconds after the key returns from start to the run position, correct?

    Or is it running with the key in the start position and as soon as you release the key to the run position, it stalls?

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    Hum I just tryed it n I let the fuel pump prime then I turn ignition it will fire n then shut down right away. So it's basically not running for more than a 1/2 a second..

    Your second statement sounds correct but it dousnt stall it just shuts down.

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    Default Problem with atomic efi

    Well semi good news kept messing with car and I got it to fire n stay running. Turns out my power wire wasn't getting enough power to the coil side of hei distributor.. However in order to get enough power I connected the distributor power wire straight to the battery which I don't think is a very good place but at least it's running. Now the atomic is also revving at high rpm like at 1000-1500 rpm.. Ima let it run more time n see what happens.. Also in regards to the hei + coil wire to the positive side of battery is that ok? And in order for the car to always turn on I have to put the ingnition on on the wait for the injectors or pump to through some fuel in to then turn the engine over. Is this normal or should the engine fire as soon as I hit the ignition?

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