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Thread: Atomic not registering RPMs

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    Default Atomic not registering RPMs

    I called about this today.

    My diagnostics screen is not throwing codes currently. In the beginning it threw a crank sensor code, and that has since been changed. The Error does not come up any more.

    The screen with all the engine pressures and information says 0 RPMs, as well as the dash screen.

    The engine is spinning.

    Brand new battery.

    24x reluctor.

    Set up as an LS6.

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    Default Atomic not registering RPMs

    What is the MAP value at key-on and cranking in the dash screen?

    If the MAP value is reading normal, please verify that the crank sensor connector is firmly locked on.

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    Default Atomic not registering RPMs

    30.7 inHg @ 45* in Orlando, basically sea level. drops to ~30.5 on cranking.

    Crank sensor replaced and plugged in securely. Cam sensor secure, ordered a second one just to be sure.

    No codes thrown.

    No spark, and I assume since there is no crank input no injectors (indicates 0% duty cycle)

    My old fuel computer for my rotary setup had a test mode that would actuate the ignition and injectors... Would be helpful if you guys could implement that.

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    Default Atomic not registering RPMs

    Is there a specific place the two grounds coming from the rails need to connect to?

    I have them grounded directly to the battery in a grounding loop [4ga through firewall, then distribution block]

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    Default Atomic not registering RPMs

    Im kinda mad at myself. I used one of the spare wires thinking they were the same to connect the crank sensor. I pick one up today and under the protective sheath I see CRANK written on the fat wire, never noticed before. Then I have an epiphany and check the way they're wired. Yep wrong one.

    So I crawl under the car and change out the wire harness. Reads RPMs.

    Started my car for the first time today.

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    Default Atomic not registering RPMs

    Now it makes sense.

    Thank you for the update.

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    Default Atomic not registering RPMs

    New issue, well it's been going on for a while...

    The handset shows the DTC for the cam sensor, so yesterday I changed it. Still throwing the code though.

    I want to clarify something here:

    I have an lS6 basically, WS6 LS1 346 block with 243 heads. I threw in a comp cams 235/243 cam.

    I am assuming it is the 1x setup correct? That is the wire I have connected to it. and it keeps throwing the code.

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