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Thread: Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

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    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

    Hello all!

    I am considering the Atomic EFI LS for my upcoming build. I have a built LS7 going into my Mazda Rx7. I am a "moderately" experienced tuner. I have been tuning my own car for a few years. I have used Adaptronic, Power FC, and a few other import stand alone systems. With this epic swap ahead of me, I am considering the Atomic LS. The American cars have a lot of good options with the OEM ecu, and even full standalones.... HP Tuners, EFI Live, and Holley Dominator have caught my eye. But I really like the simplicisty of Atomic EFI. However, I am not quite sold on the "self tune" system.

    I have SEARCHED for REAL WORLD reviews of this system and have really had a hard time finding end users that have installed it on their car, and had a good experience with it. I asked a well known tuner and he barely commented with, "if it seems too good to be true, it usually is..."

    So please...Sell me!

    Who has used this ECU with good experience?

    Does it do well with driveability?

    Does the closed loop really adapt as they advertise?

    Are the limited user features enough to make it work well?

    Any major problems?

    Does it respond well to upgrades as advertised?

    With a price tag of $2700, I MUST be sure this EFI is going to perform as well as advertised. Personally, I think the price is pretty rediculous, as it is getting close to MoTec range. But I am intrigued and want to give it a try...But the proof is in the pudding...

    PLEASE give your opinions guys!

    Thanks alot for your time!!!

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    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

    I have it in my E36 BMW with a LS3 in it. This is not modified as much as the first car I built and the first one was tuned on a dyno by a business. I did adjust that tune a bit after but not much. The LS Atomic setup is very simple to install, setup and use. I was only able to get about 50 kilometers on the car before it snowed for the winter but I will be bringing it back out once the snow is gone.

    After it is setup you pretty much can just drive it right away and let it do its thing if you want. I didnt get a chance to use it much as I was trying to work out other issues with the car but I like it so far. You cant set the a/f ratio or timing every 500 rpm, but I think those needs are more for full race cars when your trying to get every last bit of power. This is very simple, easy to use, looks and fits well.

    I dont have anything major upgraded on my motor, just a larger cam, larger throttle body, ported head, and everything else inside the motor is new but close to stock. You cant run a huge cam in it but thats ok for me as I still want some driveability with it.

    I am sure as they upgrade the firmware in the future there will be more improvements in the options that it is capable of. I personally would like to see a rev limiter based off of engine temp, I had it in my other car and didnt have to worry so much if someone else was driving it and bagging it when the motor was cold.

    From my experience, this is a bit more than my last EFI system but not much. It looks way nicer, has better support, and is easier to use. I cant wait until spring time

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    msdtech1955 Guest

    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

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    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

    Thanks for the replies! Had to create a new username.

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    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

    I too am installing this in my FD Rx7 swap. TEDDER1 on norotors...

    I picked this setup because I would not need a full harness, the huge stock PCM brick, and the hassle of getting those to work. It will look real clean since there wont be a bunch of wires floating all over the place too.

    I should have it installed this week, and pending stupid small stuff I forgot, running in a week or so.

    If you are upgrading to the FAST intake you will NOT need the extra LS install brackets.

    I will update you with my results hopefully soon.

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    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

    PS I paid nowhere near 2700, more like 2200ish.

    Factor in that it eliminates the need for a PEZ harness [if you can get one] at $900, then a PCM, and then wiring it... Its not too bad.

    Plus this has a wideband, fuel rails, nitrous controls, launch control, etc.

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    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

    paid 1965.12 for the 2900 kit delivered to my door. Advanced auto had some great on line offers 20% off their retail price which was about $100 cheaper than summit. Summit beat it by $1.00

    charged me tax which came to $1965.12 and I got it next day as I am within that range from summit in GA

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    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

    Hey 1SLOW,

    I have been watching your build thread. Keep us posted!! Things are looking good.

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    Default Atomic LS.... Make me a beleiver!

    Also, for those that didn't see, the LS7 Atomic LS EFI kit is more expensive than the others. Likely because the injector angle and it has to be manufactured separately to fit the LS7 intake. Its definitely way more expensive than the TBI setup. I see the prices have dropped a little, which is a good thing.

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