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Thread: initial timing settings?

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    Default initial timing settings?

    Sorry Worm:

    No email... Been waiting on it.

    Some forget the address has (2) dots...

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    Default initial timing settings?


    With all of these starters you've replaced, have you had to replace the ring-gear on the flywheel/flexplate?

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    Default initial timing settings?

    yes, I did, I figured that the 3 broken teeth were the cause, but I guess that was only a symptom.

    p.s I did this when I pulled out the engine to repair the cracked starter bolt hole, that I also figured was the cause, but it also was not.

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    Default initial timing settings?


    A few posts back you said you had this figured out and that this chapter was closed. Is this no longer the case. Are you still damaging starters?

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    Default initial timing settings?

    so far so good, I have started the far about 15-20 times while doing some testing and no broken starters. only thing is, I haven't taken the car out for a drive and got it really good and hot then tried to start it just because the weather out here has been very very wet. so when I get some decent weather, I will do a true test.

    also my vacuum gage is showing 7 inches of vacuum when the motor starts up, ive never had a lot of vacuum because of my cam, but its usually around 10-12 inches. so I may have messed something up when I was adjusting my timing and my headers were glowing and the car was running really hot. (it never ends)

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    Default initial timing settings?

    Thanks for the update.

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    last year I replaced my mini starter with a high torque Nippon style starter and things have been ALOT better! car starts hot without issue (so far this mild spring). ive put about 500 miles on it so far this year and the car is running great, but I have had a few other problems.
    1) when I really get on it, it bogs down. feels like maybe it is getting fuel starved or the clutch is slipping
    2) when I shut the car off it diesels or runs on, and this is a high compression engine and I'm afraid something may go boom if I don't address this soon.

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