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Thread: Would not restart

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    Default Would not restart

    I too have the Edelbrock Performer RPM. When its hot you can hear the injector spit a tiny amount 1 time only. I have raised fuel pressure up over 55psi to try to push through. Little help. Spark is fine, gas is not. I even have the vented return system and set as non PWM w reg. There isn't a reason we should have to jack this off after $2500 (more for me). Don't you have someone on staff who has some idea how to fix? Maybe we need a new custom burn with a prime shot higher with higher coolant readings. Simple enough solution.

    I haven't been able to drive this thing anywhere. My fellow FE associate has proven that would be a grevious error in decision. I dont need it to learn anything. I need it to start when hot!

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    Default Would not restart

    Joe at MSD called yesterday. My throttle body is on its way back to me, no trouble found. They even hooked it up to one of their test cars and drove it around with no problems. They really put some great effort into finding a problem with it but it seems to be OK.

    Joe's suggestions:

    1: Set my idle target at 800 or even 850 RPM.

    2: Mount the fuel pump in the tank and run a return line.

    3: Install an MSD distributor and let the Atomic control timing.

    I will have to give this some serious thought as I am in deep enough money wise and I have been enjoying driving my car with no problems with the Holley carb in place. My gut feeling is to chalk this up to trying something new that just isn't going to work out for me.

    Anyone want a deal on a Atomic master kit #2900 with less than 20 miles on it (minus the o2 bung) that has been certified by MSD to be running OK send me a PM and we can talk price.

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    Default Would not restart

    I think I have some direction on the FE no hot restart. 1st: Switched fuel system to PWM with Reg. 2nd:Switched cam to Street/Stock. The peliminary findings are the idle is more tolerable and that the hot restart works. The restart takes spinning the starter for approx 15 seconds straight. At least it fires to life. I would suggest trying the aforementioned to attempt to band aid the problem.

    Upon searching it appears Ford retrofits seem to have the most trouble. The cam setting is very interesting considering my Comp Custom is threshold of "Performance". So using Stock setting for results is odd. At least it works and Idle is perfectly controlled. Try it out before throwing in the towel as many Ford owners have.

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