Installed the Atomic with just fuel control for now (changing to timing control next weekend). Some details and report:

I have an after market baffled EFI tank with in-tank electric fuel pump and all 3/8 inch SS hard lines for feed and return (except for short lengths of PTFE hose to/from the chassis for flex). Using a bypass regulator adjusted to about 50 PSI on the return line just after the throttle body. I had the fuel system installed and running with a carb., so the switchover to TBI just required a couple of new bends and a different tension spring in the bypass regulator.

Turned the key on with the fuel pump disabled and loaded the latest firmware on all three parts. Easy. After the firmware loaded successfully, I went through the basic setup, accepting most of the default settings. Adjusted the butterflies 1/2 turn open as recommended.

Enabled power to the fuel pump, turned the key to crank, and the engine fired right up. Ran a bit rough at first, nothing more than a cold winter start. Settled down in less than one minute. Let the engine warm up and checked the timing. Went for a couple of loops around the neighborhood, then checked the IAC in gear. It was reading about 25 counts, so made a small adjustment to open the butterflies to read about 15 counts. That was it for setup and adjustments.

Started right up the next morning. Did some longer loops around the neighborhood and everything seems to be fine. Took the car out on the freeway to check the 0 - 60 acceleration and that went smooth as butter.

Overall, much easier to install than expected and no problems encountered yet.

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